The Team

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We’ve pulled together the absolute best team we could imagine. Each one is an expert in their field bringing you the best, up-to-date and critical news in each one’s area. We’re sure you’ll be pleased with the results. Meet our team:

Heather Harmon

I have been following the Canadian Lottery for both print and visual media outlets since the lottery's 1982 launch. My research focuses on the lotto's individual character as it pertains to its individuality in each Canadian region. The lottery's rollover feature and the pick-your-own-number feature are credited to her input. I enjoy spending time visiting the communities in which the lottery operates so that I can get a sense of the kind of impact that the Canadian lotto has on the localities in which it is offered. I specialize in reporting on legal issues which affect the Canadian lottery. My journalistic investigations are cited as having played a major role in maintaining the lotteries as safe and secure gaming venues for Canadians, ensuring that the lotto remains a protected gambling entity.

Carter Robinson

Hello, sports fans. My name is Carter Robinson. I’m a retired high school history teacher from Toronto. Although I relocated to sunny Florida, I still miss the cold and snows of winter. My lovely wife of 43 years and I spent a few glorious, frozen days at the Winter Carnival in Quebec City, one of my favourite cities (Florida is warm but otherwise: blah!). I passionately follow Canadian sports and am thankful to for the chance to ruminate as I see fit about sports twice a week. I don’t have the prerequisites to be considered an “expert” sports reporter. I’m not fat; I don’t smoke big fat cigars; and I don’t have a post-doc in sports expertness. I just call them as I see them.

Joanne Graham

I began reporting on Canada's land-based casinos in the early '90s when the casinos' popularity started to grow among both Canadian and foreign gamblers. Throughout over 2 decades of reporting, both for print journalism and TV news shows, I documented different casino trends, beginning with the small casino venues which popped up on First Nation Reserves and expanding to reports of deluxe casino sites which can now be found in almost every major Canadian cities. Today I serve as a confidant of Canadian casino owners and operators who look to me to help them decide where to build new casinos, which games to feature and how to expand casino entertainment options for Canadians. I was the first Canadian writer to identify the impact that the new cybercurrencies would have on Canadian casinos. This work has helped the casinos prepare for the new payment methods in a timely fashion.

Stan Evans

I’m Stan Evans from the great province of Saskatchewan. I was named after my father’s favourite hockey player, Stan Mikita. I can say that I’m grateful he didn’t name me Stanislaw! I work very hard as a CPA here in Regina. I’m also very busy before and after work with my wife, Meghan, and our two young lads. Sometimes, often actually, I like to relax with a few minutes of online casino gambling. I’m not keen on the euphemism “gaming” which I think should be reserved for actual gaming without money involved. I gamble. Always small amounts. I belong to several online casinos. I like to look around a casino to see what they have. I like to play many different kinds of games online. I use the computer to play silly games with Jason. I’m grateful to for giving me the chance to write about online casinos. I’ll dip my toes into the subject in my first few columns just to see how much ground I can cover in the 1000 or so words they are giving me each week.

Susan Clark

My name is Susan Clark and I love Bingo, both in Bingo halls and online. I’ll be writing a weekly blog about Canadian Bingo for GamingPost. First of all, I always spell Bingo capitalized. I think Bingo is simply a great indoor pastime. There are many variations, each as fun as the others. The game has no strategy so you play strictly for fun and a little financial incentive. There is a little drama when you get close. I prefer playing in a room with other people but I play at home for a few minutes almost every evening. I find that it relaxes me after a long day. Did I tell you that I’m a professional gardener? In the evening I use Bingo to relax. When I can, I like to play at a hall. I enjoy the camaraderie there.

Mick Most

My name is Mick Most and I love games. It started when I was a child and someone taught me how to play tick tack toe. After that, it was hand-held electronic games, then computer games, and now it's games on the web. I love to play games and I love to write about them. I love to find obscure games that people don't know about, and I love to write about developments in the gaming world that could change the way you play the games you love. That's why I'm thrilled to share my love of games with you, and to report twice a week on developments I think need to be shared with other game enthusiasts. I hope we can explore the world of gaming together.

Roger McGillicuddy

I love poker. I love to play it, I love to watch it, I love to read about it, I love to write about it. Poker is the game that has everything, from higher mathematics to depth psychology to bad beats to plain dumb luck. And then there are the poker players: as interesting, diverse and talented a group of human beings as you could ever hope to meet. So to be writing about Canadian poker and Canadian poker players for Gaming Post is just absolutely a dream job for me. And here are a few other things you should know about me. I have a degree in mathematics from Dalhousie University. I have a day job that I am not at liberty to discuss. I wear my poker face 24 hours a day. And I’m as honest as a gambling man could be.