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Big Time Win: It’s Free Market Online Casinos Hands Down!

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Canadian online gamers are understandably enthusiastic about the introduction of Provincial online casinos.  There are still some major differences between the Provincial casinos and the privately-regulated free market casinos, giving the privately-regulated casinos a large edge over our provincial online casinos.

Payout Percentage Favors the Free Market

The government run online casinos have less incentive to follow the indicators that the free market casinos must follow to stay in business.  There are thousands of free market online casinos and their survivability is dictated by the changing desires of online gamers.  An online casino that responds slowly to market forces will likely lose players or go out of business altogether.

Provincial online casinos normally set their payout rate to be about 85% of all monies wagered.  The top free market online casinos, such as All Slots Casino which has been an industry leader since 2000, sets its payout rate at about 96%.

How Does a Casino “Set” a Payout Rate?

All online casinos use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to determine the outcome of every spin of the roulette wheel, every card played in any card game, every spin of the reels in slots—every outcome of every game.

This is a very good thing for gamers.  Knowing that the casino is using the RNG gives players the confidence that the games at this or that particular casino are legitimate and fair.

But the RNG is merely a sophisticated computer program.  Before it is employed at the casino, it is calibrated to cause wins for players at a specified rate.  Thus the free market casinos pay out about 96% – 99% (depending on the game) and the Provincial casinos pay out about 85%.

The payout rate will fluctuate from inspection to inspection.  Remember, the RNG makes every outcome random do in one inspection period , if there have been more than the average number of big jackpots, the payout rate will be a bit higher and if there were fewer than the average number of big jackpots, the payout rate will be a bit smaller.

An independently-regulated online casino will show its most recent payout rates for all games by category.  The normal payout rate for video poker at a free market online casino will be 98-99%, a figure that a Provincial casino cannot compete with.

Game Selection

The free market casinos have been around for about 15-20 years.  The game developers produce many new games each year.  The free market casinos know that they have to add new games every month just to be able to say to their gamers that the casino is continuing to grow.  These games have to be creative, visually exciting, original, and must make full use of the newest computer technology to keep gamers interested.

The online casino run by the OLG in Ontario has about 90 games.  The biggest online casinos such as the afore-mentioned All Slots Casino or Royal Vegas Casino and many others have several hundred slots games alone!  This does not mean that you should stop patronizing your Province’s online casino.  Not at all!  It means that you should not stop patronizing your favourite free market independently-regulated online casino!

The Provincial online casinos have a few selections in video poker and blackjack.  A top free market online casino will have about 50 variations each of blackjack and video poker.

Top free market casinos have extensive tutorials to explain to players, both new and experienced, the exact rules and nuances of a game the player may have never played before.  At a free market online casino, this happens quite often as gamers paly a few games they like and perhaps weeks later decide to try out a different game and want to know the rules of the game and the special quirks built into the game.

Free market casinos have the space to offer what are generally called parlour games.  These are games that few gamers play for a very long time in one sitting but that gamers really like as a short-term change of pace.  If you’ve been playing blackjack for a while and you feel that your brain needs a short time out, the parlour games are the perfect games to play.


This is a major difference between free market casinos and Provincial casinos.  Free market casinos will likely offer as many as twenty different banking methods.  Credit and debit cards are, of course, prominent but many gamers prefer keeping their local commercial bank out of their private practices.  These gamers usually prefer to deposit and withdraw through an ewallet or another type of ebanking system.

Provincial online casinos have a very limited selection of banking methods.  Debit cards are a good way for a gamer who wishes to limit his or her gaming through their bankroll.  To their credit, Provincial casinos accept debit cards.  However, independently-regulated casinos have several ways for gamers to maintain control of their online gaming.

Welcome Package for New Gamers

Both Provincial casinos and free market casinos have excellent Welcome Packages.  In many cases, the free market casino’s package will be more lucrative than what the Provincial casino can offer.


Again, both sets of casinos offer excellent promotions but given the fact that there are only a few Provincial casinos but there are thousands of free market casinos, it is obvious that the free market casinos will experiment more with their promotions than will the Provincials.

For example, Jackpot Factory, the parent company of which All Slots Casino is the flagship casino, in the past year began an experiment in which every player in their monthly promotions won!  This was a somewhat risky managerial decision because it meant that the average win in such a monthly promotion would of necessity be smaller than the really big grand prizes other free market online casinos were offering.


If you’re a true VIP with a deep bankroll and the desire to be feted whilst you play online, the free market casinos offer more services and freebies.  The free market casinos have a specially trained staff ready to serve VIP’s – usually a player will be assigned their own VIP host who takes care of them very well – bonuses on wins, bonuses on losses, birthday gifts, and more.  The promotions and bonuses for VIP players are standardly very lucrative – vacations, spa visits, and such.

Mobile and Live Casinos

The free market casinos also run mobile apps for their casino gaming.  To do so involved substantial financial risk and exposure as it is not simple to reformat existing games for mobile.

The mobile experiment has been very successful for free market casinos; the Provincial casinos have not yet dipped into the mobile gaming market.

Similarly, free market casinos often have a Live Casino where gamers can play in a live setting.  Many gamers enjoy the interaction with other players and with the dealers and croupiers.

Both Sets of Casinos are Great Places to Gamble

Our intention here was to present a few of the differences between free market and Provincial online casinos.  No doubt there are other differences as well.  But the bottom line is that most gamers play where they are the most comfortable, some at Provincial casinos and some at free market independently-regulated online casinos.

I feel strongly that the better free market casinos still have more to offer, on balance.  I would never recommend not gaming at your Provincial casino; I do strongly recommend that you continue to game at your free market casino.

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