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Hundreds of Games; Million Dollar Jackpots; All Slots Online Casino

AllSlots Casino

Many gamers ask how to choose an online casino!  So, I decided to make a full review of a big top of the line online casino this time.  I chose All Slots Online Casino for a couple of reasons.  First, All Slots has been around since 2000 which means that it has been through all the growing pains associated with online gaming, the battles with governmental authorities, primarily in the United States, and has emerged stronger than ever.  There are now upwards of 600 games at All Slots but All Slots never rests on its laurels.  It grows every month.  Gaming at All Slots is far more than a world of fun!

– Sign up and Enjoy the Big All Slots Casino Welcome –


All Slots Welcomes You

Every online casino offers a Welcome Package to new players.  With 16 years of experience, All Slots knows that new players most of all want to play with the casino’s money.  So, All Slots has a Welcome Package that affords new players the chance to play and win with the casino’s money!

When you register at All Slots they credit your account with $5.  This no deposit bonus gives you the chance to find your way around the casino.  Then All Slots has four distinct deposit bonuses for deposits made in your first week at the casino.

The first two deposit bonuses are for 100% up to $250.  The last two are for 50% up to $500 and $600 respectively.  In addition to the deposit bonuses, you get a $10 gift and a $15 gift with your first two deposits.

Lessons from the Welcome Package at All Slots

There are two main things to notice here.  First, the total Welcome Package is huge: players who take full advantage of it get $1630 in bonuses and cash gifts.  Second, All Slots encourages players to make several deposits in the first week.  There is no advantage to depositing more than $250 with your first deposit.  When you deposit $250 you have $500 to gamble with.

The same obtains with your second deposit.  All Slots understands that players don’t like to be pressured to make large deposits before the players have felt their way around the casino.  In effect All Slots says: “Deposit $250.  We’ll match it and you’ll be on your way.”  Only on your third and fourth deposits does All Slots encourage a high level deposit.  They don’t expect you to need to deposit.  They sweeten the pot so you can have a sizable bankroll, partially funded by All Slots itself to start gaming with.

A Promotional Philosophy

Experience played a big role in All Slots’ approach to its monthly promotions.  Whilst most casinos still run their monthly promotions as a pitched battle lasting a month, with a leaderboard that changes as gamers play for hours on end, All Slots understands that Canadians have many responsibilities at work and at home and simply don’t have the time to compete with less busy gamers on a month-long basis.

So, for its monthly promotions All Slots has made two successful innovations: it has divided the month into more manageable weekly periods and, more importantly, has done away with the huge winner takes all jackpot; rather, the guiding philosophy at All Slots is that playing should be fun and, in the monthly promos, everyone should win!

Loyalty Club

Every time you bet at All Slots, you get Loyalty Points.  These Loyalty Points are redeemable for cash bonuses to play with in the casino. This has become a common feature at many top online casinos.  At All Slots, you can rise from level to level quickly and All Slots has many extra benefits for you at every Loyalty Club level.

– Let All Slots Demonstrate How They Appreciate Your Loyalty –

VIP Lounge

When a player reaches VIP status, he or she is invited to join the VIP Club.  All Slots provides every VIP with a dedicated representative.  Your VIP rep will follow you through the year, helping you commemorate the birthdays and anniversaries and other happy individual and family events.  There are also special bonuses and promotions just for VIPs.

Hundreds of Games

It is a well-known thought that the number of games is less important than the quality of the games.  All Slots offers games produced by Microgaming, the most respected name in online game development.  Microgaming always uses the best computer technology to make their games as aesthetically pleasing as possible.  The Gold Series of games reflects All Slots commitment to game excellence.  All Slots boasts a large selection of each type of game as you can see below:


There is simply no end to the number and quality of slots at All Slots!  Modern five reel slots have Wild symbols.  The Wilds may have a multiplier; sometimes the Wilds are stacked.  Modern slots also have Scatter symbols which pay in all positions and send you to the bonus rounds.  In the bonus rounds, you may have high multipliers, stacked reels, extra free spins, cascading reels, and many other ways to win big.

Adapted Slots

The biggest innovation in slots in recent years has been the development of slots adapted from television or movies.  Jurassic Park, Terminator II, and Game of Thrones are only three such slots.  These slots use every element of technology to make the slots come alive and stay loyal to the original production.

Progressive Slots

All Slots has close to twenty progressive games, mostly in slots.  The biggest of all is Mega Moolah which begins at $1,000,000! The progressive jackpots are so high because they are connected to the entire Microgaming network.  Since Microgaming is the biggest game developer and has a huge international market, its progressive jackpot games are being played around the clock. Whilst it’s true that it takes a lot more luck to win a progressive jackpot than a regular big win, the chance for the really big win draws thousands of gamers from every corner of the globe thus pushing the jackpots ever higher until a lucky gamer wins it and the process begins anew.

Table Games

As we said, All Slots never rests.  They have a huge selection of table games led by 40 versions of blackjack.  Some blackjack games are relatively easy to learn but some are quite unusual.  For instance, Double Exposure allows players to see both of the dealer’s cards!

In addition to blackjack, All Slots has a big selection of roulette, poker, baccarat and many more table games.

Game Tutorials

To help you learn about the many games offered, their nuances and strategies, All Slots provides a comprehensive set of tutorials.  So, you can learn strategy for playing Double Exposure and every other game right there at All Slots.

Video Poker

All Slots also has about 40 versions of video poker.  This is basically five card draw poker with variations.  You can learn tactics for each game at the tutorials.

Mobile Casino

All Slots was one of the first online casinos to see and appreciate the great potential in mobile gaming.  All Slots Mobile Casino now has about 100 games.  There are so many mobile devices, thousands in fact, and mobile operating systems that it takes time to rework existing games for mobile.  The process is ongoing and All Slots Mobile grows every month.  These games make for great playing on your phone and tablet.

Live Casino

All Slots provides online gamers the chance to experience live casino action whilst staying in the comfort of their homes via live streaming from an actual casino!  With All Slots Live Casino, you needn’t incur all the costs of travelling to a bricks-and-mortar emporium.  All Slots Live Casino offers blackjack, baccarat, and roulette.  You can interact with the dealers or with other players around the table.

Security and Banking

Every piece of information and every money transfer you make is protected by an encryption system that equals the quality of the security afforded by commercial banks.  All Slots offers twenty different banking methods.  I know of no online gamer who has ever said that they couldn’t find a suitable banking method at All Slots. Many gamers are satisfied to transfer money through their credit card. When you do so, your bank knows exactly what you have done so other gamers prefer to keep their bank at arm’s length. These gamers bank at All Slots either through an ewallet or with a pre-paid voucher card. ECO, EZ Pay, and Skrill are three very popular ewallets whilst Paysafe is the best-known pre-paid voucher card.


All Slots provides 24/7/365 customer support.  You can contact All Slots through chat, telephone, or email.

To Summarize

I hope this All Slots review has helped you see what thousands of player before you have seen – that All Slots Casino is simply the best around. No matter what’s important to you: the games, the special promotions, the banking options, the security, the support, whatever – All Slots is the best casino, whether you’re enjoying some fun at home, or on the go with your mobile or tablet.

All Slots Online Casino is one of the biggest, most experienced, most player-friendly online casinos around.

– You’ll Feel at Home at All Slots Casino –

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