Ottawa Youths Head To Court Over Climate

By Ben Hamill - October 29 2019

Young Ottawa residents and climate change activists are attempting to re-write how their own stories unfold by resorting to extreme measures in an attempt to get federal government to listen up and take action. The group is demanding that local government pays up for what the youngsters refer to as its role in the perpetuation of the ongoing climate control crises. A crisis the youngsters say they are fully aware is soon to be their heritage.

The group of 15 claims that government’s role in the perpetuation of the global control crisis interferes with its members’ “constitutional rights to life, liberty, and security of the person”. The outcome is one of each member having suffered immediate “individualised” damages.

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Fears Are Justified

Chris Tollefson, one of the lawyers offering legal counsel and representation to the group, is of the opinion that the majority of the arguments levied by the 15 are in fact compelling and valid. Says Tollefson, the young activists are concerned and apprehensive about their individual futures, and in the context and time frame of climate change, quite understandably so.

Equality also appears to be strong grounds for the canopy argument of the matter, as the youngsters plan on arguing that they are disproportionally disadvantaged by current green house gas emissions. The future does belong to future generations, after all. The long-term effects are a cause for particular concern future generations will undoubtedly bear the brunt of a current lack of action.

The Future Belongs To Them

Quite surprisingly, the driving force of support behind the intended lawsuit is none other than the David Suzuki foundation. A spokesperson for the foundation has confirmed that the plan is to file the lawsuit at Court during the direct run-up to the climate strike in Vancouver.

The official statement released by the foundation provides some details as to the reasons for its involvement in the cause, and explains that the goal is to call on federal government to protect young Canadian citizens as well as to do its (government’s) fair share in order to protect its younger citizens from the potentially “catastrophic consequences” of climate change.

According to Tollefson, the problem is indeed everyone’s responsibility and not one that will magically disappear. He emphasised that what the youngsters are asking for isn’t financial compensation. Said Tollefson, what they are planning on asking for; and certainly deserve to be asking for; is the basic protection of their rights under the country’s Charter.

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