Woods Secures 1st Place In Milan-Turin

By Ben Hamill - October 12 2019

It was a double-whammy victory for Canada’s Michael Woods as he on Wednesday was the first to cross over the finish line of the 100th edition of the Milan-Turin cycling race. The 32-year old calls Ottawa home and crossed the finish line in 1st place after having held off Spain’s Alejandro Valverde at the very last minute and just short of going over for a Spanish win.

Woods completed the race in a time of four hours three minutes and 46 seconds. The 179-kilometre route lies between Magenta and Superga and rather serendipitously overlooks the 2006 Olympic Games host city of Turin.

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Best Since The Herald Sun

The recent result is the Canadian cyclist’s best following his stellar 1st place performance in the second stage of last year’s Herald Sun Tour race. Woods also last year won bronze at the UCI road race world championships and is a strong Tour de France Contender.

Just about everything currently going down the world of competitive professional sports is being viewed from the perspective of what it means in the greater context of Tokyo 2020. Athletes are pushing harder than ever before for a qualification spot in their chosen sport and those battling it out on their bikes are following suit.

Woods has been a super pro-contender on the Canadian cycling scene and has put up sterling performances in major world-class races, not least of all the epic Tour de France. Woods essentially regards himself to be a rookie and as such, finishing 32nd out of a total of 155 competitors to have competed in this year’s instalment of the Tour de France, was a big deal to the Ottawa native.

Woods Finished Well

The Tour de France is regarded as right up there with the world’s toughest 3 road races and merely finishing at all is a privilege not bestowed upon everyone who qualifies to compete. Woods said after this year’s race that he so wished that the moment could last longer; in order for him to bask in the glory for just a time longer.

The fact that Woods achieved a 32nd place finish with a pair of broken ribs in the mix makes the achievement all the more incredible. Woods sustained the injury after having been crashed into from behind. He fell and landed on top of his radio, which of course explains the broken bones. The 2019 Tour de France was the Canadian cyclist’s first.

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