Woodbine Makes Changes Following Covid-19

By Ben Hamill - March 13 2020

Woodbine Makes Changes Following Covid-19

Some 37 cases of the Coronavirus have now been reported and confirmed in Ontario, with at least one of those cases in Sudbury. And so, following growing concerns about the spread and impact of the virus on the province and its people, Woodbine Entertainment is actively looking for new and effective ways in which to safeguard its workers and horseracing enthusiasts. Woodbine Mohawk Park has confirmed that it will, in association with the Central Ontario Standardbred Association, introduce various changes to the general work schedule as well as to training programmes over the course of coming weeks.

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Woodbine Entertainment has said that it will do everything in its power in order to ensure the safety of, first and foremost, its workers. The initial steps will involve a complete disinfecting of the paddock at Woodbine, where-after normal training will resume as normal. Management has however emphasised that despite safeguards now being implemented, Woodbine Mohawk Park and the Woodbine Racetrack area and immediate surrounds has not reported any cases of the human Coronavirus, or Covid-19.

Stepping Up On Hygiene

The fact that hygiene has always been an ongoing top priority at Woodbine isn’t in dispute. But now that the coronavirus continues to spread, threatening life and livelihood and limb, it’s become necessary for management to step up the efforts a notch in order to do its bit not only in terms of containing the virus, but also to ensure safety all round.

Horses taking part in premium races hosted by Woodbine are as a rule trained by professional trainers and since training runners at Woodbine is a professional job with professional responsibilities that go along with that job, management must ensure that folks are able to work their jobs without the added danger of falling ill.

Ontario Risk Remains Low

Toronto Public Heath has in the meantime said that the actual risk of contracting the virus remains very low. But that doesn’t mean that no cases of infection have been reported either – with the March 7 infection of the local Sudbury resident being perfect case in point.

The good news is that of the 37 individuals confirmed infected with the virus, 5 have made a complete recovery. Younger adults are most likely to fully recover, with high-risk profiles including the aged and those already suffering from underlying medical conditions. The 69-year-old individual employed by Yonkers Raceway in New Jersey at the time of his untimely passing, had battled several days’ worth of Coronavirus symptoms before having passed away on March 10. The individual was treated by Hackensack University Medical Centre after having been admitted there on March 6.

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