Wimbledon 2020 Officially Cancelled

By Ben Hamill - April 05 2020

Wimbledon 2020 Officially Cancelled

Humanity is grappling to come to terms with tumultuous times indeed. The latest shock to the system of the professional sports world is that Wimbledon has for the first time since the Second World War, been cancelled. The Coronavirus pandemic rages on, and as such, all professional tennis events scheduled to take place up until July 13th, have been cancelled. And the likelihood of no major events being in a position to take place before the year is out, cannot be completely ignored either.

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The French Open, which was supposed to be played in May, has been postponed too, and until September. The word remains out as to whether September will be practically feasible, as scientists aren’t yet able to provide a definite timeline regarding the successful formulation of a vaccine or cure for Covid-19.

Careful Considerations Were Made

Ian Hewitt, who is the chairman of the All England Lawn Tennis Club, provided insight into exactly why the decision was taken to cancel the biggest tennis event on the annual calendar. The club had weighed up all options, said Hewitt, but the decision to postpone ultimately proved in the best interests of all those required to make a success of the annual event. Public health and wellbeing simply had to be prioritised and the club will according to its chairman now focus on assisting those affected by the pandemic in local communities.

Despite being a massive disappointment to the tennis community and all who support it, the club’s decision speaks of thorough consideration and an immense sense of responsibility toward society. No decision was required before the end of April, which is when actual on-site preparations and activities would have commenced for this year’s major Grand Slam event, but it was obviously becoming clear to organisers that no real resolve to biggest problem facing humanity in recent times was going to be discovered before June 29, when the event was supposed to start.

All Will Be Refunded

All broadcasters, ticket holders and sponsors will be refunded in full by the club, as the necessary insurance policies are in place for an eventuality of this nature. Refunds could have the club in excess of £200 million out of pocket and so insurance is absolutely necessary.

Some remain hopeful that pro-sports events will resume later on this year, but many professional athletes and players have expressed the opinion that 2020 is in all likelihood a lost cause to professional sports and events.

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