William Hill Tackles Problem Gambling Head-On

By Ben Hamill - September 07 2018

Prolific UK bookie William Hill has now pledged its dedication to embracing new ideas as part of its newest responsible gambling initiative. In a recent SBC News interview, Will Hill Director of Strategy, Brand and IR Lyndsay Wright highlighted the significant structural and operational changes the operator will soon undertake as part and parcel of its vow to tackle problem gambling face to face. According to Wright, the company believes that an essential first step is facing the challenge ahead as a company and also as an industry. She added that Will Hill recognizes that it has not taken the issue of problem gambling seriously enough, and is now aiming to make reparations for its past lack of action.

New Focus for Better Results

For too long, Wright said, her firm has focused on individual responsibility and the small portion of adults who suffer such problems. However, every kind of gambling product has the potential to cause players harm, which is something the bookie feels it must acknowledge and face head-on in order to truly address. William Hill's Director of Strategy, Brand and IR Lyndsay Wright Lyndsay Wright This seemingly means that the firm needs to widen the scope of where it should act. Anyone, Wright said, can run the risk of developing problems with gambling – but until now, nobody has accurately defined what healthy and controlled gaming behavior looks like. With this in mind, the company now plans to take a look at how it designs and advertises its products and how it interacts with its players, putting new methods in place to help customers stay ‘in control’. A simple example, she added, would be that too many players are still unaware of all the existing tools that could be of help. Only a third of them are reportedly aware of self-exclusion schemes, while around half know about limit setting for their wagering habits. Wright further explained that the ‘learn out loud’ approach her company plans to take will help to share knowledge and discoveries with other industry competitors as well.

Bookie Meets its Responsibilities

As William Hill created its new approach, it focused on learning out loud, being transparent about its failures and successes, and sharing its victories to allow others to benefit as well. Wright has, however, warned that the process will not be a perfect one, and that there will be challenges to overcome along the road. With that said, the operator is dedicated to continue meeting and discussing with regulators, fellow operators and experts with regards to problem gambling, as well as continuing to run forums sharing its insight. According to Wright, considering that Will Hill is one of the world’s largest bookies, they have an indebted responsibility to their millions of players worldwide to tackle gambling-related harm and facilitate safe, healthy and rewarding play. William Hill will focus on gambling problems in their players

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