WCT Mulls Policy After Red Deer Incident

By Ben Hamill - November 23 2018
WCT Mulls Policy After Red Deer Incident

Ryan Fry was one of a group of four curlers that was ejected from a bonspiel over in Red Deer, Alta. last weekend. Now, in the wake of the incident, the World Curling Tour is planning the implementation of a Code of Conduct policy to prevent such incidents in the future.

Fry and fellow curlers Chris Schille, Jamie Koe and DJ Kidby were kicked out of the Red Deer Curling Classic for inappropriate conduct – including reportedly being ‘extremely drunk’. The group was thrown out of the event by organizers after damaging locker room equipment, breaking brooms, and using profane language.

After the saga, the head of operations for the WCT Gerry Geurts has noted that the organization is busy with an internal review to inspect more closely what happened at Red Deer. He has noted that the Tour does not have any policies around these sorts of incidents at the present, but assured the public that it’s something they are now looking at.

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Concerned Emails Pour In from Fans

According to Gerry Geurts, this kind of happening is very uncommon for the Tour. Very rarely, he says, does his organization have to deal with incidents like this one. In his words, it went in a direction that was ‘beyond’ having a couple of drinks after a successful game.

Guerts has revealed that he first learned about the situation unfolding in Red Deer when he noticed that the team had forfeited one of their games. That quickly became concerning once he had been inundated with mails from concerned coaches and fans about the curlers’ behavior.

The first thing the WCT did was post a statement about the incident on its social media channels. According to Guerts, the Tour is now awaiting an official report on what exactly happened to be submitted by the Red Deer Curling Classic’s organizing committee.

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Fry and His Team Apologize to All

Wade Thurber, the Red Deer club’s facility manager, says that he was also swamped with media phone calls from every corner of Canada. Even international presses wanted to know what had gone down during the sporting event. He revealed that the Curling Classic has been around for 20 years, with this year’s event boasting 56 teams (28 men’s and 28 women’s) from across the globe.

At the time, Thurber added that the organizing committee was just trying to get through the remainder of the Classic, which officially ended on Monday, November 19. While it is now planning to spend the next few weeks looking at feedback from curlers, coaches and fans about the incident – and deciding what to do with the four Canadian athletes – Ryan Fry and his team have been extremely apologetic.

Fry has even offered to pay for the damages caused, and blamed a ‘bad lapse in judgement’ for his actions. He has also apologized to the fans, participants, and organizers of the Classic, calling his team’s behavior ‘truly disrespectful and embarrassing’.

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