Vancouver Off NHL’s List Of Hub Cities

By Ben Hamill - June 29 2020

Vancouver Off NHL’s List Of Hub Cities

Choosing an NHL hub city at the time of a health crisis is, to say the least, precarious business. A concern over public health and safety is also the main reason behind the NHL’s decision not to include Vancouver on the list of hub cities. And now that Vancouver has officially been scrapped as a viable option, Edmonton and Toronto are the only two Canadian cities left remaining in the Stanley Cup tournament host-city running. 

But it’s a decision graciously accepted by the Vancouver Canucks, even despite the obvious disappointment of no longer being in the running as an NHL return-hub. The team recently tweeted its gratitude toward Premier John Horgan, Minister Lisa Beare, and Dr. Bonnie Henry, for what the Canucks referred to as their “incredible” support all throughout the entire host city bidding process.

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NHL Not Worth Public Health

And according to Horgan, though disappointing a decision to have to have made, he simply wasn’t willing to compromise the health and safety of the people of British Columbia for the sake of the NHL.

Dr. Bonnie Henry voiced her agreement with the sentiments expressed by the premier at a news conference preceding the official Canucks announcement, saying that despite her having had no conversations with the league itself, what her and the rest of the advisory team had done was to provide their advice on the risks involved in hosting the NHL in Vancouver. The health of the players and the people of B.C., reiterated Henry, remained the advisory’s number one concern. 

According to the layout of B.C.’s initial host-city proposal bid; a team of players would have stayed together at one pre-allocated hotel. That team would then have to travel together to Rogers Arena by making use of private transport. Teams would have to have agreed not to interact with any outside member of the public for at least 14 days prior to convening in the province.

With Pittsburgh, Dallas, Minneapolis, and Columbus all fallen out the host city qualification mix, remaining American cities include Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Chicago.

The Rules Apply To All

B.C. Health Minister Adrian Dix has in the meantime said that even though he personally considered Vancouver a suitable host city because of British Columbia’s brassbound approach, he is at the same time still the provincial minister and is as such subject to the same protective health and safety rules as everybody else.

Dix’s statement followed his having been prompted about media reports suggesting a dividing breakdown caused within the league as a result of the decision around Vancouver as a possible hub city.  

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