Toronto’s Ujiri Says Lawsuit Is Malicious

By Ben Hamill - February 14 2020

Toronto’s Ujiri Says Lawsuit Is Malicious

Even though prosecutors decided it fair and just not to press criminal charges against Raptors president Masai Ujiri following a brawl with a police officer during the moments right after Toronto won last year’s NBA championship, the officer in question is pushing ahead with a civil lawsuit against Ujiri.

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The team president has since having learnt of the officer’s plans to proceed with the civil case said that he considers the action on the part of the California-based law enforcement official to be nothing other than malicious. 

Shove The Cause Of Suffering

California sheriff-deputy Alan Strickland claims that the shove-and-scuffle with the Raptors big boss may not seem like all that big a deal to Ujiri, but that the incident has had long-lasting effects on him (Strickland). The law enforcement official on Friday filed his intention to institute civil proceedings against Ujiri in one of California’s district courts and describes the so-called lasting effects as being the result of injuries “which caused and continue to cause great mental, physical, emotional and physiological pain and suffering”. This all from a bit of shove-and-shove after a game.

The incident took place on June 13 last year and followed a game during which Toronto had made quick work of Game 6 of the NBA Finals played against Golden State Warriors. The 2019 finals were played at the Oracle Arena in Oakland.

No Pass – No Access

The shoving match followed a failure on the part of Ujiri to display the proper on-court access credentials upon his having in a moment of pure excitement wanted to join his team on the court. Strickland just so happened to be the officer on gate-duty on the night in question and having realised that the Raptors president was not in possession of the mandatory on-court access card, had attempted to refuse Ujiri access to the rest of the team.

Despite Ujiri also having had at the time been in the wrong, the refusal on the part of the sheriff-deputy did not at all sit well with the Raptors boss, who at the time of the incident had been very eager indeed to join in on the celebrations and congratulations. His failure to provide the necessary on-court pass as well as the scuffle that ensued, was partially caught on security camera footage. The brawl ended as a result of an intervention on the part of bystanders and the Raptors president eventually made his way past Strickland and onto the court without the necessary access permit.

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