Trump Reconsiders Global Warming Hoax

By Ben Hamill - October 20 2018
Global warming

On Sunday October 14, an interview with President Donald Trump was aired on the CBS program 60 Minutes. In it, he sat down with correspondent Leslie Stahl and gave his latest insights into global warming, Washington politics, and other issues that affect the way America is run.

As well as having some tense moments with Stahl, such as when he reminded her that he was President and she was not, Trump discussed his relationship with Kim Jong Un, refused to pledge that he wouldn’t shut own Mueller’s probe into the last election, and advanced his opinions on other issues.

“Global warming is a hoax.”
– Donald Trump

Challenging Climate Change

In 2012, Trump said that global warming was a hoax, and had been created by the Chinese to make United States manufacturing non-competitive. Later he said he was not serious about the Chinese connection, but he maintained his stance on climate change.

The President said that he no longer thinks it is a hoax, but added that he was not sure that humans had caused it. He also suggested that the climate could “change back again” over million years. However, as NASA and other organisations report, the world has not experienced a cooler-than-normal month since 1985.

In light of the serious scientific findings on the dangers of global warming in the past few years, including a recent United Nations report that carries a life-or-death warning, these comments by the ostensible leader of the free world may be cause for concern.

Questioning Hurricane Strength

Trump also expressed doubt over the fact that global warming and climate change could be causing more powerful hurricanes. He stated that “people” said hurricanes far worse than the recent (and devastating) Michael had been experienced in the past.

When Stahl mentioned that most scientists say the weather is worse than ever, he seemed to be questioning their trustworthiness, saying such individuals often have hidden political agendas of their own.

The Vicious World of Washington

The President also discussed living and working in Washington with Stahl, and said he has been surprised by how divisive and deceptive it is. He always believed that the world’s toughest people are the real estate moguls of Manhattan, he said, but now he feels that title belongs to the politicians in his nation’s capital. Trump added that he found the world of Washington tough and full of lies – although his predecessor, President Barack Obama, seems to have managed quite well.

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