Toronto’s Auston Matthews Makes The Big 100

By Ben Hamill - February 22 2019
Toronto’s Auston Matthews Makes The Big 100

It’s a great occasion to be responsible for leading your team to a golden victory, but it’s the making of a legendary year when during that same game, you reach one of the NHL’s most celebrated career-milestones: the big 100th career score-point.

On Thursday night the top honor went to Toronto Maple Leafs center Auston Matthews. To top it all off, Matthews scored his 100th career point whilst playing one of his most favorite venues of all time; the legendary Las Vegas Strip.

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Rielly Does What He Does Best

Thanks to Matthews having scored two goals, the Maple Leafs were well on their way towards celebrating a 6-3 victory over the Vegas Golden Knights. But Morgan Rielly also played an instrumental role in the overall victory. Reilly had affected the final deathblow to the Knights when his superb pot shot made it through some very challenging traffic that included the likes of Marc-Andre Fleury.

Rielly, who had had much to do with adding points onto the scoreboard in 10 of his last 17 games, shares Matthews’ sentiments about the Las Vegas Strip venue. Rielly describes the venue as a very cool building to play in. He said that it was always an exciting affair to play there, and that this was something that was shared by the entire team.

Johnsson Saves The Day

The remainder of the winning points by Toronto were scored by Mitch Marner, Andreas Johnsson, and Patrick Marleau. Thanks to Frederik Andersen and a total of 30 saves, the Knights did not have much of any hope of catching up to Toronto.

Andersen is now only 3 saves away from the 300th save of his career. Commenting on some of the highlights of the game, he said that the goal was obviously to make each and every stop that comes our way. He said that despite the fact that every last stop makes a difference to the eventual outcome and score, there are always those ones that could have gained a lot more momentum than what they had, and that it was those stops that remained memorable.

Vegas has been having a really bad run of it, having lost 3 games in a row, and an all-time record low of 5 in a row at the T-Mobile arena.  Coach Gerard Gallant said that it was especially disappointing when losing whilst playing at home.

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