Toronto FC Fires Chris Armas After Defeat

By Ben Hamill - July 06 2021

Toronto FC Fires Chris Armas After Defeat

As fans of Toronto FC are already aware, the team has been on a serious losing streak. The record is now a straight 7 losses, marking one of the worst seasonal starts for the team in its history. Now, after a defeat of 7-1 that can only be described as humiliating, the situation is rapidly getting out of control. Needless to say, the wheels of reform have publicly started to turn, and head coach Chris Armas has officially been given the boot.

As it stands, the year so far under Armas has seen numbers of (1-8-2,) putting Toronto FC in dead last place out of a 27-team league. Though, some are quick to point out that 2012 was, in fact, significantly worse, when 9 straight losses were recorded. On the other hand, the 2012 bad performance cost Aron Winter his job, so it only makes sense that Armas should also be given the boot.

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A Strange Place

Before being sent packing, and after the 7-1 loss, Armas made a statement. He declared that it was a difficult time for Toronto FC, and an equally strange time. He stressed that it was a place he had never been, and as such didn’t know the correct path in getting out of it. Though, he concluded that his team was going to stick together. An ironic statement, given that he was given the boot soon after.

Captain of Toronto FC, Michael Bradley, made a statement of his own. Despite the losing streak, he expressed that the now dismissed Head Coach had had his player’s confidence 1000%. Though, he followed this up by saying that he had let his teammates down in a big way.

Not Close To Good Enough

Bradley continued by saying that the 7-1 loss had been one of his worst days at the club, and stressed that he apologises. He elaborated that the performance had not been even close to good enough, and that no words could express how regretful of a situation he found himself in.

He went on to suggest that, after such a poor performance, there were those that wanted to point fingers of blame, and that the coach had been an easy target. But, Bradley concluded, it had not been the fault of the coach, but only the fault of the players.

Regardless of Bradley’s words, Toronto FC will surely soon have a replacement coach.

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