Tom Brady Shocks With Exit Announcement

By Ben Hamill - March 19 2020

Tom Brady Shocks With Exit Announcement

Back in the early 2000s rookie Tom Brady became the unlikely new face of the New England Patriots when he was selected by head coach Bill Belichick to replace the then injured Drew Bledsoe, very few saw any future beyond a short-term solution for a temporary problem. But Brady turned out to be anything but temporary and the star quarterback – who many now believe to be the best player in all of NFL history – eventually settled into what would turn out to be nearly two decades of time spent on the team.

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Nearly two decades, because on Tuesday morning, Tom Brady made the shock announcement that the time has now come for him to move on from being a Patriot. Not only did Brady write the final sentence for his chapter with the Patriots, but he also closed the book on a super-charged era in Boston sports. 

From Unlikely To Most Likely

That Brady’s career had started out with him being of a 199th-pick underdog variety soon faded into distant memory. Folks no longer remembered the stunned silence following the decision that Brady would be the one to step into Bledsoe’s boots. Soon, all that mattered was that the Patriots were on the up and up and moreover, that nobody knew where Brady started, and the franchise ended. Tom Brady was, for all practical purposes, the Patriots.

His was a story of how a sixth-round draft pick had been chosen to replace a star-quarterback and ultimately went on to lead his new team to a very unlikely Super Bowl victory. And it was no lucky shot either. Brady continued to do what he does best and ultimately managed to turn his team into one of the most successful teams that the NFL has ever seen – if not the most – one game at a time.

But it’s not as if Brady’s career was all glitter and gold either. A series of cheating scandals all basically revolved around Brady and his “improperly” inflated footballs – a transgression for which he eventually was made to sit out four games at the beginning of 2016. Tom Brady had not only turned the Patriots into one of the NFL’s top success stories, but he had also turned the team into one of the most hated in the franchise’s history.

How The Patriots Became Brady

Brady set the Patriots apart in so many ways, most of which would be regarded as particularly negative anywhere outside Boston’s inner circle. “They hate us because they ain’t us,” soon became no different to hating “us” because “we’re” on Tom Brady’s side.

Now, 6 Super Bowl wins later, Brady is for the first time ever stepping away from the only franchise he ever called home and it remains to be seen what will remain of “us” not that the man around whom it all evolved is no longer a Patriot.

As for Belichick, his and Brady’s union represented the perfect marriage in NFL and football. And even though theirs is bound to be an amicable divorce, one cannot help but feel just a little bit sad for the ‘children’.


When did Tom Brady first play for The Patriots?

He joined the team in 2000 and in the 2001 season he took to the field to replace Drew Bledsoe.

How long has Tom Brady been a Patriot?

Just short of 20 years.

How many Super Bowls did the Patriots win with Tom Brady?

6 Super Bowls.

Who will Tom Brady play for now?

Tom Brady has agreed in principle to a deal with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Why was Tom Brady accused of cheating?

He was accused of deflating footballs in a 2014 AFC game against Indianapolis Colts. The cheating scandal was dubbed “deflategate”.

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