Tom Brady’s Return Results In Suspicious Betting

By Ben Hamill - March 20 2022

Tom Bradys Return Results In Suspicious BettingTom Brady is back from retirement, though some were not as surprised as they perhaps should have been. The star player’s return was highly speculated about leading up to the Super Bowl LVII, but there was never any certainty that his leaving the NFL was only temporary. However, it seems that some bettors may have had early knowledge of his return. A glut of massive bets were made on some extremely long odds, leading some to say that inside information must have been leaked.

Vice president of Las Vegas SuperBook, Jay Kornegay, made a startling announcement. He declared that he has no doubt that information about Brady’s return leaked, resulting in several massive bets being put down. He explained that massive amounts were put down on odds of 60-1 and 30-1, though the bets were made prior to Brady’s surprise return. He elaborated that the bets were focused on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers winning the Super Bowl and the NFC South Title.

A Sharp Individual

Kornegay went on to explain that the individual that put down the bets appeared to be a sharp individual, further raising suspicions that insider information had been leaked. Interestingly enough, it wasn’t only Las Vegas SuperBook that reported questionable betting behaviour.

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It turns out that the director of the South Point sportsbook, Chris Andrews, is in some serious trouble, assuming that the wave of suspicious bets pays out. Andrews revealed that his company would be responsible for numerous six figure payouts should the Bucs win, which puts the situation into perspective.

Chris Bennet, manager at Circa Sports, had a similar story. He come forward to stress that a similar thing had happened to him, with an individual putting down a huge amount on 30-1 odds. Bennet declared that he is extremely confident that the bettor knew Brady was returning, despite the bet being placed days before the official announcement.

Calls For Investigation

Of course, there have been multiple calls for the bets to be investigated. The NFL organisation has not yet said if it will or won’t take action, though some are suggesting that no investigation is necessary. An argument is being heard that the action isn’t necessarily suspicious at all, given that there were plenty of signs that the star player wasn’t staying retired. Many are even saying his retirement was nothing more than a publicity stunt.

A tweet is circulating showing a conversation that occurred between Ronaldo and Brady, with many saying that it was obvious the player was ready to return. This in itself is heavily debatable. But either way, the star is back, and if his leaving was or wasn’t a publicity stunt will probably never be fully answered.