Can Tiger Woods Pull Off A Comeback?

By Ben Hamill - February 28 2021

Can Tiger Woods Pull Off A Comeback

More details have now surfaced about the physical injuries sustained by champion golfer Tiger Woods during the recent rolling of his SUV vehicle in Southern California. And none of it sounds good.

A statement issued by Woods’ team of managers and representatives around midnight on Feb. 23 confirmed that the pro-golfer had been involved in a single-car crash, and that he had sustained injuries to mainly his lower right leg and ankle – injuries that necessitated him undergoing a protracted surgical procedure.

The statement by team-Woods also included a semi-detailed description of the golfer’s injuries, which description basically confirmed that Wood’s right lower right leg had been crushed in the crash, as well as a few of the major bones in the same leg shattered. The surgery was performed by a team of orthopaedic trauma specialists, confirmed the statement.

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What To Make Of Woods’ Injuries

The details provided furthermore confirmed that the famous golfer’s broken and splintered bones had punctured through his skin, and that his injuries necessitated the surgical insertion of a rod, pins, and screws in order to re-join the fractured bones.

The team did however confirm that at the time of the posting of the statement to social media, Woods was awake, responsive, making a recovery, and largely out of danger.

This obviously led the media and golfing world to the next big question on everyone’s minds since the incident: would (or could) this be the end of Tiger Woods’ professional golfing career? And it’s a question – due mainly to the specific nature of the injuries vs. the nature of the sport in question – nobody seems ready or able to answer (yet).

The closest example and comparison to the injuries sustained by Woods is considered NFL star quarterback Alex Smith, who while playing for Washington towards the end of 2018, injured his right leg whilst being sacked by a couple of Houston defenders. The incident saw Smith fracturing his tibia and fibula – not unlike those injuries sustained by Woods in the crash – which led to the bone protruding from the skin.

Smith would ultimately end up suffering through 17 gruelling sessions of surgery. He only managed to make his return to the NFL two years after the incident.

One Thing Is For Sure

But since every injury is different – as is every sport – returning to golf would undoubtedly be easier than returning to a super-physical game such as football.

While it’s way too early to tell if Woods will be able to compete at the high levels he’s enjoyed throughout most of his career, if one thing is for certain, it would have to be that the recovery that now awaits him might be his biggest of them all.

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