Team Canada Wins Inaugural Rivalry Series

By Ben Hamill - February 26 2019
Canada and the United States are home to some of the best female ice hockey players in the world. And so, in an attempt to create yet another opportunity to bring the two countries’ players together, the Rival Series was launched. The inaugural Rivalry Series concluded last Sunday when Canada secured a 2-0 win over the United States in Detroit. The series has been hailed as a stellar success, and there will in all likelihood be a sequel to follow.

38 Saves And Two Goals For Canada

Goaltender Shannon Szabados had much to do with the Canadian side’s super victory, having made a total of 38 saves during the course of the game. The 2 goals were scored by Brianne Jenner and Blayre Turnbull, and a crowd of 9,048 looked on in tangible anticipation as Canada steered the series decider in its favor. According to Gina Kingsbury, the Director of Women’s National Hockey Teams for Canada, the series had been a massive success. Kingsbury said that the hope was that the series would become a regular installment on the annual calendar, as it had much to offer in terms of generating excitement about hockey outside of Olympic years. USA Hockey Executive Director Patt Kelleher shares in Kingsbury’s views on the matter, and has said that it’s a good thing to have the National Hockey League (NHL) involved as well, as this added a lot of public exposure and brand-credibility into the equation. The inaugural event was the ideal head start to a potentially awesome new series. READ MORE: Toronto’s Auston Matthews Makes The Big 100 The inaugural Rivalry Series concluded when Canada beat US with a 2-0 win

NHL Does Its Part

Moreover, the NHL had ensured that the home arenas of the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Detroit Red Wings were available for use by the two teams, which in itself sparked a lot of public interest and awareness about the series. An average of 8,725 of spectators had showed up for the first two games of the series, followed by even more onlookers for the final match. American forward Brianna Decker said that both teams were very thankful towards the NHL and the Red Wings, and that much been achieved in favor of the promotion of the female national teams. According to team US, Canada plays a very physical game and despite their most valiant efforts, they were unable to knock them off the podium charts.

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