2021 Super Bowl Sets New US Wager Record

By Ben Hamill - February 12 2021

2021 Super Bowl Sets New US Wager Record

This year’s Super Bowl legal betting handle has officially smashed last year’s figures. With ten states having punched in their results, the results currently available point to a phenomenal $420.1 million in total wagers accepted – a sweltering 60% hike over the $262.5 million reported for the 2020 Super Bowl by the same states.

Since last year’s legal handle ended up in the region of $280 million, that means that judging only by the figures reported by the 10 states already to have logged their results, this year’s event has already trumped last year’s by a legal betting landslide.

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More States – More Handle

Much of this would have had something to do with that fact that seven additional states had legalised sports betting between last year’s event and last week Sunday. But while certainly an impressive show of performance, what has been rather disappointing is Nevada’s own performance on the legal handle wagering front.

So badly did 2021’s Nevada handle perform, that it felt significantly short even of last year’s mark of $154.7 million. And despite the countrywide uptick, this means Nevada has during a record year failed to beat its $158.6 million record of 2018. That was the year the Philadelphia Eagles knocked the New England Patriots out the park at 41-33.

But despite the disparity witnessed between Vegas and the rest of the country, LV sportsbook operators say they’re not at all surprised. The global health crisis is assumed to be largely to blame for the current dynamic, many bookies have now said. Amid fears of infection and arena capacity limitations, bookmakers say they couldn’t attract nearly as many bettors as in previous years.

A Win-Win For Bookies

Pennsylvania and New Jersey placed in third and second positions behind the gambling state. New Jersey came in second at $117.4 million, leaving Pennsylvania in trailing behind at $53.6 million. But though considerably lower than that of the Garden State, Pennsylvania’s revenue performance does mark a nearly doubling increase over last year’s $30.7 million.

Fourth on the list of 10 was Illinois. The driver behind its massively improved $45.6 million handle is thought to be a massive influx of Kansas City fans seen flocking cross-border in order to wager money on their team.

But whatever the main drivers behind the uptick, the 2021 Super Bowl could not have happened at a better time for U.S. sports books. And judging by the types of popular bets that were wagered on this year’s big event, many have been left sitting pretty and laughing all the way to the bank.

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