Derek Stevens Waves MLB Bet Payday Goodbye

By Ben Hamill - October 12 2020

Derek Stevens Waves MLB Bet Payday Goodbye

Las Vegas casino mogul Derek Stevens is expected to lose two major MLB bets bound to see him literally thousands of dollars out of pocket. Thanks to calculated money wagered on the Miami Marlins winning the National League as well as the World Series, Stevens will likely not this time round experience the best of outcomes ever.

The big-money businessman behind the D Las Vegas, Circa Casino (coming soon), and Golden Gate would have based much of the logic behind his massive bets on the Marlins having appeared strong heading into the postseason. They did end up securing the NL wild-card series opposite the Chicago Clubs, after all.

Unfortunately for Stevens, not to mention the Marlins, the dynamic has in the meantime taken a turn for the worse. So much so, that the Marlins are now officially down 0-2 in a series that chooses a winner according to the rules of “best out of five”.

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On The Edge With The Marlins

What this means for Stevens is his now being only a single Marlins loss away from being a total of $7,500 out of pocket. He reportedly bet $5,000 in favour of the Marlins taking the National League at odds of 200-1, followed by a $2,500 wager on the offchance of a taking of the World Series at 400-1.

Since Game 7 just so happens to coincide with the grand opening of the Circa, Stevens previously spoke of banking on a Marlins win to help carry the opening costs of the new gaming venue. But October 28 isn’t what it used to be a couple of weeks ago.

Stevens also went in on a couple of other bets – smaller bets wagered on the Detroit Tigers. According to Westgate Vice President of Sportsbook Jay Kornegay, the bets on the Tigers were understandable because of Stevens being a huge fan of the franchise. The chance taken on the Marlins, however, had been the result of their leaning towards an up-and-coming young team in the offing and the likelihood of good standings made possible by a couple of reliable young pitchers.

Basketball May Come Through

Still – all isn’t lost at this stage of the downhill slope. Stevens can still bargain on banking on a couple of futures bets currently remaining in play. Since Stevens has money on both Michigan and Michigan State (one or the other) to win the NCAA men’s basketball title, he could very well look to pocket a cool $1 million if his basketball predictions turn out to be more accurate than his MLB’s.

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