Cross-Party Sports Betting Bill Getting Cross-Party Support

By Ben Hamill - November 09 2020

Cross-Party Sports Betting Bill Getting Cross-Party Support

Canada has moved another step closer to legalised single-game sports betting. MP Kevin Waugh put the facts to the table with the second reading of a bill that would allow Canadians to benefit not only from taxable revenue generated by parlay betting, but also from single-game betting.

Sports betting in Canada is currently limited to parlay betting – a situation Waugh said is causing more money to be channeled toward funding criminal activities than toward the greater and the public good. Since single-game betting is much more popular than what are parlay bets, sports betting enthusiasts will continue to wager on the former. The only problem with this is that right now, only unlicensed service providers are fulfilling that need – which ultimately means no control over where or how the proceeds are spent.

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Major Support From Most

Very good news for Canadian sports betting enthusiasts is that Waugh’s bill enjoys the support of several members of the four most prominent parties in the House of Commons. At least one member from each of the following parties have spoken out in support of the legalisation of single-game sports betting: New Democratic, Bloc Quebecois, Liberal, and Conservative.

Lawmakers situated in Ontario are especially supportive of an overhauled and more formative sports betting industry because of the threat posed to their own casinos by bordering Michigan and New York’s flourishing sports betting sector.

Canada is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. Places like Hamilton, Windsor, and several others, are popular locations to visit, pointed out MP Brian Masse on Tuesday in support of the bill supported by Waugh.

Some Disparity Remains

The grand show of support is unfortunately not present across the board. MP Adam Vaughan, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Families Children, and Social Development, raised the opinion that gambling and betting are according to him problematic enough as it is already – with casinos removing four dollars out of the economy for every single dollar contributed.

Another group concerned about the effects of a fully legalised sports betting industry is Canada’s horse racing people. Though Woodbine Entertainment CEO Jim Lawson said he agreed that there exists an opportunity for the country’s economy to benefit from the legalisation of single-game sports wagering, he could not help but think that this would be at the expense of the horse racing industry.

The bill is now at the mercy of the House of Commons before moving on to be tabled before the Senate.

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