Sonya Gaudet Included In Canadian Hall Of Fame

By Ben Hamill - May 30 2020

Sonya Gaudet Included In Canadian Hall Of Fame

World and Paralympic Canadian wheelchair Curling gold medalist Sonya Gaudet is one of 11 athletes to have been named as having been included in the Class of 2020-2021 set to be inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame. And its according to Gaudet not only an incredible honour and a thing of immense gratitude toward friends, family, teammates and coaches, but also the coming together of a journey that has officially taken on a life of its own.

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The B.C. Paralympic Curling champion, now 53 years of age, tells the story of how she had never before in her life even considered pushing or sweeping a rock for any reason. Gaudet wasn’t born paralysed but instead suffered serious and paralyses-inducing injuries resulting from an equestrian accident back in 1996. The Paralympian woke up from the fall from horse with a complete T5-T6 paraplegic spinal-cord injury, rendering the at the time young wife and mother of two (three- and six years old at the time) paralysed from the bra-line down.

Gaudet Credits Active Lifestyle

Gaudet, who played a variety of sports before the accident; including basketball, swimming, tennis and skiing; describes support from friends and sports peers, along with living an active lifestyle, as having played a crucial combined role in helping the now pro wheelchair Curling champion help cope with adapting to a whole new daily reality and normal.

Olympic curler and president and CEO of Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, Cheryl Bernard, said at the time of the announcement, which was made on May 27, that Canada has never in the history of sports been more proud of its sports history, its sports champions and the community spirit that can be seen among its sports champions, than what is the case at present. Said Bernard, the country and the Hall of Fame are especially proud of Canada sports sharing the same values as those held dear by Canada as a country; being values of respect, equality, openness and fairness.

Started With A Good Deed

Gaudet has since commented on the upcoming induction and said that what makes the inclusion especially dear to her own heart is the diverse nature of the class of 2020-2021. She congratulated the members of the class to be inducted and described her inclusion in the class as an honour.

Gaudet first became involved in wheelchair curling after having been asked by Canada’s Vernon Curling Club for advice on the topic of wheelchair accessibility at the time of the club having renovated its washroom.

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