Canada Sports Betting Bill Gets Green Light

By Ben Hamill - December 03 2020

Canada Sports Betting Bill Gets Green Light

Regulated single-event sports betting is coming to Canada. This will be made a reality by the passing of Liberal Government MP Kevin Waugh’s Bill C-218, better known as the Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act.

Sports betting in Canada was for the longest time limited strictly to parlay betting – which are bets wagered on multiple games or events. This will change once the liberated sports betting act comes legally into play – a likelihood now reportedly imminent following a vote of support from federal government.

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Next: Change To Criminal Code

Waugh’s bill last month drew a positive response from the House of Commons, with at least one MP from each party heard voicing their support in terms of the passing of the new legislation.

The next step in the process is the amendment of the country’s Criminal Code. Paragraph 207(4)(b) of Canada’s Criminal Code will have to be amended in order to provide for the legalisation of single-event sports betting. Early indications are that federal government does in fact realise the need for urgent action in terms of the amendment, a sense of urgency the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) has lauded.

Amending the country’s Criminal Code in support of a sports betting bill providing for single event betting is the first step to safeguarding Canadians by providing to the country a crucial economic tool across the provinces, said CGA chief executive Paul Burns in response to the news.

Anticipated Positive Outcomes

Once in force, Bill-218 will end the bulk of illegal and offshore gambling indulged in by Canadians for a lack of legal options. Currently, in excess of a massive CA$4 billion is being wagered with illegal bookmakers every month – with only CA$500 million spent via legal local channels on parlay bets.

More good news is that the legalisation of single event betting in Canada will finally remove the threat posed by Michigan and New York’s sports betting sector to casinos and gaming venues located near the U.S. border in Ontario.

Canada’s government and its people stand to benefit in enormous ways from a regulated sports betting industry. Taxes generated by such an industry are currently crucially needed and once received, can be used for urgent social aid programs across the provinces.

The passing of Bill-218 will help safeguard the Canadian economy as the push for recovery from a devastating global health crisis continues.

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