US Interrupts Canada’s AmeriCup Winning Streak

By Ben Hamill - October 01 2019

US Interrupts Canada’s AmeriCup Winning Streak

6 years and 17 straight victories. This was what Canada was made to offer up in terms of a previously uninterrupted winning streak when the Americans recently beat Canada to the victory post in the FIBA Women’s AmeriCup tournament.

The final gold-medal game was played on Sunday past and Canada was made to dance to the music of a 67-46 standoff against its US counterparts. The only Canadian player who managed to score it up on the double-digits scale was Jamie Scott. 12 points scored single-handedly ensured that Scott walked away slightly more satisfied with her results than the rest of the players in the team. Despite their having won silver, the Canadians are by now so used to bringing hone the gold, that second-place must feel like a bit of a letdown.

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Paying The Mental Tax

The Canadians, who had last lost against Cuba in the final of the 2013 instalment of the tournament, basically lost the mental game more that what they did the physical fight. They struggled almost from the get-go and just could not seem to come out on top of the mental struggle once they had fallen behind 10 points. This happened fairly early on during the game and proved the undoing of the Canadian team for the remainder of the standoff.

Tina Charles didn’t experience half as bad a day as what her Canadian counterparts did, having led the scoreboard for the US team with a total of 12 points and 11 rebounds. The remainder of the players in the team really gave it their all too and if anything is to be taken away from the tournament final is that the Americans, based purely on what was displayed on the court, deserved to walk away the winning team.

Olympics Remain In Sight

The tournament is a crucial and important tournament on this year’s calendar, as the results will count towards November’s Olympic pre-qualifier tournaments. The Canadians are proud players and even though they only barely managed to shoot a total of 27% overall from the field, it doesn’t change the fact that whilst they may have had their streak interrupted by the Americans, they still did manage to make it into the finals and so an Olympic qualifier is still very much in play.

The trick will be to now get right down to it and start preparing immediately for November. Hopefully we’ll get to see our favourite basketball ladies shooting the hoops at next year’s Olympic Games.

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