Turf Trinity And Turf Tiara – Second Leg

By Ben Hamill - July 31 2019

Turf Trinity And Turf Tiara – Second Leg

The coming weekend is shaping up to be a special and quite exciting one indeed as the Saratoga Race Course gets ready to host the second round in the inaugural Turf Trinity event for 3-year-old live turf racing. August 2 will offer to the winner a smooth US$750,000 in prize money, not to mention fame and glory.

Favourites like Concrete Rose will be making a return to the turf and it’s going to be quite exciting to see who ends up in the lead and first over the finish line. Turf Tiara will be coming in for the second leg of its race too and the expectations are running into the red, which stands to good reason considering its one of New York’s most popular races on the annual horse racing calendar.  Both events are closely modelled around Canada’s Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing.

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Behold The New York Rose

Concrete Rose is a firm favourite in Saturday’s race. It will be the horse’s first opportunity ever to clear 1 3/8 miles at Saratoga and the race is being punted as the highlight of the entire event. The filly is a Rusty Arnold product of training, and as such, we can expect nothing short of a stellar and memorable performance on the turf.

If anything is for sure, then it’s that Concrete Rose has the capabilities required to run the dust in every other confirmed competitor’s eyes. One only has to reverse the clock and remember her unbridled performance on July 6th, when she competed in the first leg of the Turf Trinity race, namely the Grade 1 Belmont Oaks Invitational. August 4 is bound to be no different; better even, if those doing the speculation are to be believed.

A Day At The Races

Horse racing is bigger than big in Canada as well as all over the US. In the US, New Yorkers are particularly passionate about spending a day at the races and the weekend’s events are bound to go down a hoot.

It’s the perfect opportunity to relax turf-side and to live the horseracing dream from a 1st-person perspective, which is probably why so many people are absolutely sold on and in love with especially 3-year-old filly races.

3-year-olds have the spunk and the blitz that makes for a superb and exciting race and missing out on the weekend’s action should not be an option.

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