$4.5 Million Super Bowl Bet Breaks Records

By Ben Hamill - February 09 2022

$4.5 Million Super Bowl Bet Breaks Records

Those that know the name Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale know it for one of two reasons. Either due to the man owning a successful chain of furniture stores, or due to him placing some truly ridiculously big sports bets. Either way, the eccentric character is making headlines again, having officially placed the largest mobile bet in history. It seems that Mattress Mack so believes that the Bengals will win Super Bowl LVI that he has put down $4.5 million on it.

Though, this isn’t just the biggest mobile bet, it is also the second biggest bet in Super Bowl history. It is a wonder that the Caesars Sportsbook app accepted the wager, especially given that, should the gamble succeed, a payout of $7.4 million would have to be made.

But perhaps Caesars weren’t too concerned, given that the Bengals are an underdog team unlikely to win.

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The Eccentric Legend Returns

It isn’t as if Mattress Mack is a stranger to crazy decision making. In a recent interview he explained that several unusual steps had to be made in order for the bet to even work. He first had to drive from Texas to Louisiana, he then had to sit at a gas station and make the wager on his phone. Though, in order for the money to even be accepted, he had to actually place a series of $200,000 smaller bets. He concluded simply by thanking Caesars for going along with the ordeal.

What are the chances of him winning? Looking at his betting history, not very good. It is known that just in 2022 alone he has lost a staggering amount of money, coming in at somewhere around $11.4 million. This includes failed wagers made on MLB, NCAA, and NFL. So even if this latest gamble did win, he wouldn’t even be out of the red.

All Part Of The Business

Why does he keep gambling? Well, it all seems to be part of his business plan. Mattress Mack is no fool, and he uses the publicity from his massive gambling habit to drive business to his stores. It is well known that in 2021 he put a huge of bet of $3.5 million on the Houston Astros to win. But in doing so promised that he would refund any customer that spent $3,000 or more at Gallery Furniture, should he manage to win.

He didn’t win, though also didn’t disclose how much the promise managed to push up sales. So the reality is that losing the bet might have been a winning gamble after all. Either way, at odds of +165 the King of Mattresses sure is a fan of long shots.