Fans Crowd Arena For Raptors Banner Event

By Ben Hamill - October 25 2019

When Toronto fans are on time, you know that you know that something is up. And something was indeed up when Raptors fans crowded into a sold-out Scotiabank Arena some 40 minutes before the opening night to the new season was about to start. Everyone knew the reason for the timely arrival, and the atmosphere was positively electric with anticipation and emotion.

Fans roared and cheered and shook the rafters as the team and coaches made their way into the arena and onto the court. The cheers were deafening and the emotion hung thick like a cloud over the proceedings in a truly spine-tingling fashion. But what was the reason behind fans not being able to stop themselves from cheering and clapping as video clips detailing pivotal moments of play during the playoffs were projected onto larger than life screens for everyone’s re-enjoyment?

The crowd appeared to be stuck in a feeling equal to what can only be described as utter disbelief. The Toronto Raptors had won the playoffs and are officially the new NBA champions.

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Behold The Victory Rings

Commissioner Adam Silver made his way onto court after a truly emotional moment during which the lights were turned off and the arena clothed in darkness, only to snap back on full force in order to shine down on the NBA trophy. Silver addressed fans in an almost surreal and religious way, and congratulated fans on the victory of their team; thanking them for the fact that more than 50% of Canadians were thought to have watched the finals.

And then, suddenly, it was time to hand out the victory rings. The players made their way one by one over to centre court in order to be awarded with their victory bling.

Raising The Victory Banner

The emotion hung tangible in the air as each player received his ring in his own particular style. Some danced, others looked truly humble; others yet pointed to the sky or put their hands in the air in true victory style. Everyone celebrated.

Kyle Lowry putting on his ring drew the biggest collective cheer of all. The longest-serving Raptor never once stopped smiling as he put on his ring. He looked at it and looked at it some more and then showed it to the roaring crowd.

Lowry then addressed the crowd, thanking fans for their support and stopping only to announce the absolute highlight of the evening: the launch of the banner that names the Toronto Raptors the 2019 World Champions.

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