Select Sports To Return To Quebec

By Ben Hamill - May 17 2020

Select Sports To Return To Quebec

The world of sports has taken a major knock. Most events have been cancelled, with not even the Olympic Games exempted from the extreme but certainly necessary reaction to a severe global crisis. Desperate challenges require exceptional solutions and the province of Quebec’s decision to allow folks to re-engage with a selection of non-contact sports certainly qualifies as such. Not to mention even how very welcome such a concession is regarded to be.

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Non-contact sports are those sports requiring no physical contact between two or more humans. These include golf, tennis, cycling, boating and fishing, and also track and field items. The province has stressed that the concession will only and exclusively apply to those sports that are able to practically allow physical distance between people and according to government-directed distancing guidelines.

Remaining 2 metres apart is therefore the number 1 criteria.

2-Metre Rule A Big Deal

The 2-metre rule, said Quebec Junior Education Minister Isabelle Charest, is the distance the country’s public health authorities feel most comfortable with – and at the very minimum. The standards and rules as directed by said authorities will be respected and promoted at all times if the concession is going to become the new normal approach to the mentioned sports. Distancing isn’t negotiable, stressed Charest.

Furthermore, declared the minister, those sports not practically able to respect people staying two or more metres apart, won’t be allowed back into the world sports mix any time in the near future. This means that the majority of team sports – and this is very tragic indeed – including hockey and soccer, will not be allowed at the present moment.

Sports Good On Many Levels

The mentioned announcement and ruling apply to the entire province, including greater Montreal. People will furthermore be discouraged from travelling between regions. Travel to other parts of the province isn’t advisable.

Charest went on to say that she fully understood that people miss and will continue to miss team sports. She said that the province is currently exploring creative ways that may make it possible for modified versions of some team sports to be played. This will hopefully broaden the declared list of allowed sports. Permitted sports also include horseback riding, individual water sports, scuba diving, skateboarding and climbing.

According to Dr. Richard Massé, there’s no shortage of public health authorities looking for alternatives, for essentially new and different ways of doing sports and activities in general. Sports and all activities generally enjoyed outdoors, said Massé, is of utmost importance not only for physical health, but also to people’s mental state of well-being.

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