Plogging Makes Exercising Eco-Friendly

By Ben Hamill - September 01 2018
Have you ever been out on your normal jog, enjoying the sunshine, catching up on a favorite podcast, only to have a cold realization? Somewhere, at the exact moment you were having that jog, a dolphin was succumbing to environmental pollution. Motivated by the harsh truth, you bend over, pick up a plastic bottle, and put it into a nearby dustbin. Satisfied that the dolphin has been avenged, you continue with your run, glowing with an aura of satisfaction. This may just sound like a jogger picking up a piece of garbage and tossing it into a dustbin, but you’d be dead wrong in that assumption. This was plogging in action, the latest craze that is sweeping the world. A combination of exercising and picking up garbage, the implications are actually quite mind boggling when you think about it. But who came up with this shrewd combining of jogging and picking stuff up, and how can you get in on the action before the buzz fades away, and you lose out on the opportunity to post pictures of it on Twitter?

Sweden Strikes Gold

It was in Sweden that an exercise fanatic, while having a jog, had the explosive realization that things could be picked up during the run. Should the epiphany have occurred in another country, this remarkable act may not have been given the name plogging. You see, in Sweden plocka upp translates to picking something up, and hence the genius of the name is revealed. Plocka upp was smashed together with jogging, and magic resulted. You might be thinking that it’s just the Swedish that are allowed to take part in this activity, given that they were the inventors. But once again, you’d be dead wrong. The invention has been shared with the world via social media and it wasn’t long before German joggers were likewise seen running and picking trash up. Like wildfire the trend spread to Scandinavia, meaning that there are at least two countries with a lot less litter. Were you just thinking you’re not German or Swedish, also need social media fuel, but haven’t yet been given the permission? Hold your tongue, and get ready to have your day made. The United States is joining in, much to the delight of Twitter users, and plogging is taking off their too. Plogging giving recycling a helping hand

The Benefits Are Endless

So maybe you’re thinking now that plogging is good and all, and dolphins do need to be avenged, but won’t stopping to pick up trash every few meters ruin your jog? After all, jogging is about keeping momentum, not taking a little break every time you come across a thing on the ground. Once again, your day is about to be made. It turns out that the motion of leaning over or squatting is, in fact, pretty good exercise. In fact, some have even made a further leap, and added a few squats into their jog every time they stop to pick up garbage. Put the pieces together in your head, and you realise that taking part in this global trend is more exercise, not less. A Swedish app called Lifesum, confirms this. A normal half hour run will burn an average of around 235 calories, while one that incorporates picking up trash along the way burns around 288. After doing the maths, you will see that the benefits are not just for the dolphins. Plus, you’ll be extra tired when you get home and have every excuse to kick back and enjoy a bit of down time at an online casino, as you’ve earned it. Plus, playing online is more environmentally friendly!

Light Up Your Twitter

If it wasn’t already obvious, many ploggers like to share proof of their exploits via social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram. Upon an object being picked up, it is quickly photographed and a social media post made.
The hashtag #plogging is most commonly used.
Naturally the posts are extremely trendy at the moment, and almost guarantee a riotously positive response from friends, family and loved ones. You thought the benefits were just exercise and environmental? No. Your social media presence will likewise see the benefits. Exercising while reducing rubbish

Getting Started

So now that you’re convinced, you’re probably asking yourself the obvious question; will it cost me a fortune to get started? The best news of all is no, it costs pretty much nothing. All you need is a plastic bag, and perhaps a plastic glove. And comfortable exercise clothes of course. A desire to run or brisk walk will also be essential. Harness this desire, head out the door, and hit the street. Upon encountering objects including plastic, papers or cigarette butts, use the gloved hand to put the item into the bag. It’s that easy, and if more people start doing it, the results globally could be nothing short of miraculous.