Canucks Owner Says Nothing Will Be Changed

By Ben Hamill - February 16 2021

Canucks Owner Says Nothing Will Be Changed

Despite a particularly bad run this season, Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini took to Twitter on the weekend to say he won’t be making any changes. Aquilini said although he’s disappointed by the team’s struggling start, he has every confidence in the leadership and capabilities of the team’s general manager and coach.

Aquilini may eventually have to give way about something being amiss with his beloved Canucks. The franchise headed into the weekend’s game against the Calgary Flames on the back of a six-game losing streak. Also spelling nothing good is that they’ve forfeited more goals (66) than any other team in the league this season so far.

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Yearning For Better Days?

But the Vancouver businessman appears to be sticking to his story of having complete confidence in coach Travis Green and GM Jim Benning. Aquilini seems to be holding on to better days, saying the Canucks have played better in games in the not-too-distant past, creating in him the belief that their performance will continue to improve.

He also spoke about sticking to the path currently on by continuing to invest in and build on a foundation of young talent. He said that since progression isn’t always a one-way straight line, there’s also no such thing as an easy fix. Commitment, hard work, and patience – apparently a whole lot of it – will continue to be the plan of action, said Aquilini.

Let The Stats Speak

Recent performances by the Canucks and the Calgary Flames have left many speculating about whether the Canucks aren’t really “all that bad”, or whether a poor performance on the part of the Flames are merely making them look better than what they really are.

Two recent games have shown the Canucks to be the better team between the two. Not only are they finally playing better than during recent streaks, but they’ve actually got a win to show for their efforts.

So much so, that the weekend’s win is seen as their best performance this season so far. Notably, they’ve been strong on the defence, allowing just a single shot by Calgary while murdering penalties left, right, and all the way down the middle. They’ve not been too poor on the offense in recent appearances, either. The 67 goals given up vs. the 37 forfeited by the Flames aside, it cannot be ignored that they’re currently regarded the sixth-best shooting team by anticipated goals.

Perhaps Aquilini isn’t all that far off the mark in his analogy, after all.

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