Olympic Games To Go Ahead In 2021

By Ben Hamill - September 09 2020

Olympic Games To Go Ahead In 2021

If it’s beginning to sound a whole lot like a record stuck on repeat, then it’s because it’s beginning to sound a whole lot like a record stuck on repeat. Come what may, says the International Olympic Committee (IOC), there will next year be a Tokyo Olympics.

Speaking to members of the Associated Foreign Press, IOC Vice President John Coates could be heard boldly proclaiming the Tokyo 2020 Olympics to be the Games that conquered a global health catastrophe. With or without a catastrophe and/or vaccine, said a doggedly determined Coates, the Games will start on July 23, 2021.

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Is “Meaning” Still Relevant?

Tokyo 2020 and the Olympic Games successfully taking place really have right from the start been meaningful beyond the scope of a history-rich international competition, said Coates at the time of his come-what-may soliloquy.

Initially, the meaning was that of the Games being a Reconstruction Games of sorts – this following the devastation sown by the Tsunami that nearly destroyed all of Japan back in 2011. And then, of course, a disaster of a completely different nature and size struck. Which is why now, according to Coates, the Games will signify to the world the light at the end of a long and harrowing tunnel.

But whether or not what Coates believes to be a done deal, will in fact become a done deal because of something as intangible as meaning, there’s one thing that remains as sobering a reality as anything: money has been spent. What’s more, too much money has been spent on Tokyo 2020. Cancelling the Games in their entirety is as near an impossibility as impossibilities go. Which brings us right back around to the only question that actually matters; that has ever mattered. And that question is How?.

Japan’s Ability Not In Doubt

Given that Japan’s borders remain closed to most international travel, not to mention the risks associated with large gatherings in semi-confined spaces; even if those spaces are going to be occupied by athletes, coaches, and essential support teams only; the question of how? really seems the only question actually demanding a real answer right now.

But whether or not we’ll at the end of the day witness an Olympics-gone-small, not unlike those hosted during war-torn years 1920 and 1948, there’s no doubting Japan’s ability to pull of an event the sheer size and scope of the Olympic Games.

It’s only that this time round, there’s more than just money and capacity hanging in the balance.

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