OLG To Put Sports Betting Plans Into Motion

By Ben Hamill - December 11 2018

OLG To Put Sports Betting Plans Into Motion

Sports betting is, for the most part, illegal in Canada. Operators are not permitted to run retail betting shops or on-location kiosks. This is quite ironic, as Canada is a sports-loving nation. As a result, Canadian players have had to rely on international online operators for all of their sports-wagering needs. This isn’t the ideal situation, as foreign parties aren’t always as invested in Canadian sporting events as what they should be.

Which is why the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has now taken matters into their own hands and are actively working towards creating a sports betting product offering that is tailor-made for local Canadian bettors. It’s all happening online and via the mobile gaming sector, but if approached with the necessary care, expertise and hands-on feel for the local market, it’s going to change the way Canadians enjoy sports betting.

A Whole New World Of Bets

Now that a viable plan of action has been formulated, the next step is to find an expert partner on the technological end of things. A complete new system will have to be put into place, one that will make provision for ordinary sports bets as well as novelty betting and eSports.

eSports especially, is transforming the gaming industry on a global level. Teams consist of professional video gamers, which in short, means that this what the gamers do for a full-time living. International superstars the likes of Michael Jordan and big-time pro-leagues such as the NBA and Formula 1 all own shares in the companies that own the rights to eSports brands. it has become quite evident that in future, no sports betting industry will be complete without the incorporation of eSports.

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Bede Gaming To Make It All Happen

Teaming up with the right partner for the job will be the key to driving the success all the way home. The word on the street is that UK-based gaming and online technology expert Bede Gaming has been selected as the preferred partner of choice. It must be noted that similar plans have been announced by the OLG in the past, but none of those had come to fruition.

However, according to those in the know, the time is now right for the implementation of those plans, and Canadian players can look forward to the launch of a nation-wide online sports betting platform the likes of which the local industry has not experienced before. 2019, it seems, will be the year to change it all.

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