Edmonton Oilers Captain Partners With BetMGM

By Ben Hamill - March 10 2022

Edmonton Oilers Captain Partners With BetMGMConnor McDavid is widely known as the captain of the Edmonton Oilers. But starting now he will also be known as an ambassador for BetMGM. In a recent announcement the sportsbook made it official that they have signed up the captain to act as their public face, marking a major turning point in United States sports. This is, after all, the first time a big name from a major local sport has signed on the dotted line. Prior to this it has only been teams, leagues, and ex-athletes. Not big names that are currently active in their respective profession.

This means that McDavid is now obliged to run the marketing gauntlet, including social media content, various fan events, and other marketing occasions. Word is that the hockey hero was already meant to appear in a photoshoot, but the inevitable conflict between sports and marketing has reared its ugly head. The player had lost his front teeth in a recent game, meaning that he wasn’t fit for any glamour shots.

A Real Honour To Stand With Greats

Matt Prevost, chief revenue officer at BetMGM, expressed his delight at the development. He welcomed the captain on board, noting also that McDavid has had an astonishing career in the NHL. The player also expressed delight at having been signed up, saying that in his eyes it is an honour to be counted amongst the most legendary players in the game.

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The remark was in reference to the fact that some of the most legendary NHL players in history have also signed up to be company ambassadors, including Kevin Garnet and Wayne Gretzky. Though, naturally these big names only signed on the dotted line after officially retiring from active play.

A Closer Look At The Player

Whether the captain can stand side by side with the likes of Gretzky will always be up for debate, but there is no question that he has had an impressive career so far. After he entered the NHL in 2015, he quickly went on to be crowned the youngest captain nationwide, having only turned 19 years old at the time. That didn’t stop the youngster from throwing around his weight, managing to not only grab an Art Ross Trophy, but also managing to get named MVP. It doesn’t take much to understand why the company wanted him on board.

As far as BetMGM itself is concerned, this is right in line with the corporation’s plans for massive growth. Already leading the market in the states, it seems like it won’t be long until they dominate entirely.