Nick Nurse Says He’s Impressed By His Team

By Ben Hamill - July 03 2020

Nick Nurse Says He’s Impressed By His Team

Toronto Raptors head coach Nick Nurse says he’s impressed with his players’ collective state of physique and individual fitness levels; fitness levels all the more impressive because of the Raptors not having played or trained together in person since March. To many players, the period between then and now is the longest they’ve ever gone without playing, and it’s been up to each individual player to ensure that fitness levels remain up to scratch – often in less than ideal conditions because of most fitness training centers having been closed all throughout too.

Besides the gauging of physical conditions at a glance and trying to assess by means of the “eyeball test”, Nurse only really got to get good and proper into the thick of things when his team arrived in Naples, Fla., last week. And his eyes had not been playing any virtual tricks on him, he happily discovered, because according to Nurse during a recent conference call, the Raptors look fantastic; “absolutely” fantastic.

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Nurse Excited About The Future

As for what Nurse had anticipated to find in Florida, not really knowing exactly what to expect, he deemed it the best thing for everyone if he were to keep a really open mind. Unsure of whether the team would be in the right frame of mind, this seemed the best approach given the unusual circumstances.

But if there had been any doubt in Nick Nurse’s mind regarding levels of fitness, conditioning, or even frame of mind and attitude toward having to spend possibly months on end away from their family and friends, then judging by Nurse’s excitement about the weeks and months to come, there now remains not even a trace of any of that.

Time Flies When You’re Toronto

Nurse says he believes it all comes down to a team of guys in possession of a “high care” factor and, perhaps more importantly even, a love for the game and a personal commitment to their professional careers and to wanting to constantly improve individually.

As for how the players are passing the time in Florida; and the forward expectation about a period away from everything familiar for what could very likely turn into three whole months; it’s been a little over a week “into it all” and until now, Nurse hasn’t detected as much as a hint of boredom or longing for home.

The days are passing relatively quickly, says Nurse upon signing off the video call, days mixed up with everything from training to having a barbecue to playing pool and ping-pong. 

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