NYC Budget Makes No Mention Of Mobile Bets

By Ben Hamill - April 11 2019

NYC Says Not Yet To Mobile Sports Betting

New York’s annual state budget has been published and its quite disappointing to note that mobile betting has not been provided for, at least not for the current financial year. The city’s citizens are permitted to place their bets in person, but doing so from their mobile phones and other mobile devices will not yet be permitted. Industry role-players were hoping that 2019 would be the year to change all of that, but it now seems that it wasn’t to be.

Earlier on in the year, the Gaming Commission laid down a number of conditions for the regulation of sports betting in the City, one of which was that whoever of wanted to offer services, would be required to have a lounge available for the placing of sports bets. New York casinos would have to put the necessary infrastructure in place if any bets were going to be placed on sports, and the casinos were required to keep tabs on the process.

The hope was on the budget, and that lawmakers would decide to let their hair down on their prior decision, but notably, mobile betting on sports wasn’t even part of the language of the fiscal budget. The wait, therefore, continues.

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Public Vote May Be The Only Remedy

New York City governor Andrew Cuomo has made no secret of the fact that he is highly opposed to any form of wagering on sports, and that going mobile is, to him at least, almost unimaginable. He is at this point in the game, New York State senator Joseph Addabbo’s biggest challenge. Addabbo, for his part, has put in a great deal of time and effort in order to ensure that mobile betting is, at least at some point, permitted to enter into the city’s equation.

Cuomo holds fast to the belief that mobile sports betting is implied to be forbidden by the provisions of the 2013 law that allowed for the development of four new casinos in state. The only way, said Cuomo, that this could be changed, would be to put the matter before a public referendum. A constitutional amendment allows for this. It now appears as if the future of mobile sports betting is linked to public approval in a more direct way than previously anticipated.

Cuomo Has Other Fish To Fry

Cuomo was quick to point out that three important issues had enjoyed the budget’s attention. A property tax cap, the overhaul of the city’s transportation system and tolling in the CBD were issues properly addressed and provided for.

It seems as if mobile sports betting will simply have to wait its turn.

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