Upcoming NHL Trade Possibilities

By Ben Hamill - April 07 2021

Upcoming NHL Trade Possibilities

With the next NHL trade deadline around the corner, and happening in less than a week, teams willing to do a deal or two have some potentially interesting options at their disposal. Even though most franchises are currently severely limited by a spend cap of US$1 million or less, more than a few familiar faces are likely to trade places.

Trading players does however come at a price, and with the ultimate price being in the running to contend for the lifting of the Stanley Cup, it remains to be seen who is going to be willing to go out on the proverbial limb for the off chance of making a deal work in their favour.

Even so, the risk doesn’t change anything about the fact that some of the league’s top players are likely to avail themselves – if indeed the price were to right, of course. 

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Taylor Hall

Although clearly happy to risk it all by placing a massive bet on himself by signing a 1-year deal with Buffalo – in the wake of turning down longer terms by several other contenders – the 29-year-old Hall appears to have got that particular wager wrong. Having scored only two goals for the league’s wooden-spooners, Hall hasn’t exactly performed to par.

Even so, and all things considered, Hall isn’t exactly last year’s news. Chances are a contending team would be eager to acquire his talents, and what with him having a lot to prove before entering free agency again in the summer, he might be considered a hot commodity yet.

Kyle Palmieri

A likely trade seems imminent for Palmieri – especially after the New Jersey Devils kept him out of Sunday’s lineup against Washington in, according to his agent, anticipation of a possible trade.

Made even more likely by the upcoming expiry of his contract with the Devils, a trade definitely seems part of Palmieri’s immediate future.

Jonathan Bernier

Acquiring draft picks would be the name of the game for the Detroit Red Wings if indeed they were to trade away the 32-year-old goaltender. With 160 career wins, he’s expected to fetch quite the “penny” if he were to show teams that he’s healthy and ready to resume his career.

Something of an enigma, Bernier, despite being part of one of the worst-performing teams in the NHL, has stopped at least 92 per cent of the shots that have made it to the nets of the Red Wings.

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