NFLPA & GVC Launch Betting Education Program

By Ben Hamill - July 24 2020

NFLPA & GVC Launch Betting Education Program

The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) is launching an initiative focused on creating a better understanding of what sports betting is about, how it functions alongside the professional sports world, and why, now that more and more US states are legalising betting on sports, it needs no longer be a hidden black-market activity or regarded an opposite pole to sports integrity.

Developed by a collaborative effort between the NFLPA, the Professional Athletes Foundation (PAF), GVC Foundation U.S. (a division of GVC Holdings), and independent gambling harm-prevention consultancy EPIC Risk Management (EPIC RM), the program will focus intensively on educating former players on how to approach gambling from a responsible point of view while acting with integrity.

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Education To Former Athletes

PAF earlier this week announced a two-year partnership with GVC Foundation U.S. and EPIC RM, which alliance will focus on creating education programs related to in-person as well as virtual sports betting. The joint initiative will be responsible for all aspects related to marketing and overall operations.

GVC Foundation and EPIC RM will focus specifically on the formulation of the actual content to be used in the program, while PAF and the NFLPA will market, manage, and deliver the programs to members of the sports union.

What’s exceptionally exciting about the program is that it’s the first program that the NFLPA and PAF have ever run on gambling awareness and sports betting education. And, says PAF executive director Andre Collins, it is as such a proud moment in terms of the program being the first of its kind run by a major professional sports league in the United States. Collins also called on all sports leagues to become involved in similar initiatives and programs.

About GVC Foundation U.S.

GVC Foundation U.S. is no newcomer to the practical design and implementation of programs focused on providing information and tools with which to allay concerns over problem gambling and problem sports betting behaviour. Programs co-spearheaded by GVC’s responsible gambling foundation include an initiative run in partnership with Cambridge Health Alliance, which is a teaching hospital owned by Harvard Medical School, and a similar program run in partnership with the University of Nevada LV and the International Gaming Institute.

Amani Toomer, former wide receiver for the New York Giants, now involved with GVC Foundation U.S., describes professional athletes as being predisposed to problem gambling and problem betting behavior. Educating former pro-athletes about responsible gambling and acting with integrity is according to Toomer a crucial and necessary step for all sports and leagues. 

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