NFL to Allow Casino Sponsors

By Ben Hamill - September 06 2018
Over the border in the US, the NFL has once again made history with its decision to lift a long-time ban on gambling advertising and finally allow land-based casinos a chance to sponsor up to 32 of the teams under the National Football League umbrella. The ground breaking decision was made by the Business Ventures Committee of the NFL earlier this year. The announcement was made by NFL Chief Media Officer Brian Rolapp at a recent business conference, and immediately garnered support from fellow sporting industry members and organisations.

Strict Guidelines Put in Place

Although the American league is appearing to be relaxing its rules aimed at the gambling industry, there will still likely be numerous rules and guidelines in place to safeguard US football against potential negative effects. As part of the move, land-based casinos will be allowed to feature NFL team logos on their promotional and advertising material, should they sponsor any of the teams included in the league. With that said, gambling establishments will still be strictly prohibited from advertising sports books by using the teams that they are sponsored by. As casino sponsorship is still a touch-and-go issue in many sporting circles, clear rules will be implemented to avoid abuses of power or inappropriate business relationships between sports teams and their primary investors. NFL lifting bans on gambling advertising

Positive News for US Casinos

Furthermore, reports have also surfaced stating that NFL franchises will not be permitted to earn revenue shares from business driven to casinos or gambling websites. The NFL will soon release a clearer set of guidelines on this subject once the ban has officially been lifted, according to the organisation’s most recent statement on the abolishment of its gambling sponsorship restrictions. In the meantime, US casinos can look forward to adding yet another premium method of brand exposure to their portfolios, as well as becoming more intimately involved with North America’s favorite sport than ever before. The National Football League (NFL) is a professional US football league that consists of 32 teams. These teams are equally divided between the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference. Commissioned by Roger Goodell, the league operates subsidiaries that include the NFL Network and the two sporting organisations mentioned above. It also ranks first in the world among domestic football leagues by total attendance, boasting related figures of 67,405, correct at the time of writing. NFL to Allow Casino Sponsors

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