NFL Titans Star Tackles Bingo

By Ben Hamill - August 07 2018
Laurence Gibson

Laurence Gibson, Offensive Tackle for the NFL’s Tennessee Titans, does not have much experience with Bingo. But he nonetheless delighted the residents of Landon Ridge, an Assisted Living and Memory-Care facility in Kingwood, Texas, as he called out letter/number combinations on the 1st of August this year.

After announcing that he had never called a game before, Gibson reeled off combinations while the residents participating in the game carefully inspected their cards, marking off the corresponding squares. Just a few minutes passed before a winner was announced, and Georgia Mitchell, 104-years old, waved delightedly to her audience as she got awarded her prize. Ms. Mitchell received a stack of dollars made in the facility itself, redeemable for items at the auctions regularly held for the residents’ benefit.

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Giving Back to the Community

Landon Ridge, in fact, coordinates a number of different themed events for residents to enjoy. Gigi Oliver, Assistant Director of Activities, explained that one of the more recent subjects that were being covered was sport. Oliver said that the facility had reached out to several NFL players, and Gibson had quickly agreed, before talking about how grateful they were that he was willing to take the time out and give back to the community in this manner, doing this for these residents.

Marguerite Alexander, a resident of Landon Ridge, isn’t much of a sports fan, but she loves playing Bingo. She was not shy in her praise of both the facility itself and the do-good football player for making the evening possible. She spoke of Oliver having great ideas, and knowing what was best for the residents in terms of entertainment. She said that she was also impressed by Gibson’s willingness to do this, and that they were glad to have him.

Titans star Laurence Gibson enjoys bingo night at Landon Ridge

Combining Fun and Social Conscience

Gibson is currently an NFL free agent, living in Houston right now, but he travels frequently because of his role as the co-founder and Chief Financial Officer, CFO, or SolEnergy, a solar energy company. This company keeps him busy, he says, but he felt that the Bingo event offered him a great way to give back to the seniors in this community, and it’s not just because there was a gap in his schedule, he says. It’s also because it sounded like fun! Gibson said that he just enjoyed giving back where he could, and that time cost nothing at all, especially for those who had given so much of theirs already.

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