Canada & California Unite Against Vehicle Emissions

By Ben Hamill - July 03 2019
Canada & California Unite Against Vehicle Emissions

The US state of California isn’t about to allow president Donald Trump to throw its vehicle emissions strategy off course, even if this means being at odds with the rest of the country and seeking legal relief to boot. Canada has just joined the party, following a new memorandum of understanding having been signed with California. The MoU, which if implemented successfully, will see harmful vehicle emissions reduced even further, was recently announced by Canadian Environment Minister Catherine McKenna. California Governor Gavin Newsom joined the minister at the time of the announcement having been made.

The provisions of the new agreement will see to it that tailpipe emissions are reduced by as much as 30 million tonnes by 2030. If a comparison were drawn in order to better illustrate what this equates to in terms of impact and volume, it would be equal to removing 7 thousand light-duty automobiles from the country’s roads.

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California Leads By Example

McKenna said in a recent statement that California is a leading example of how cutting down on emissions is a good thing for the economy. There is a general misconception that by affecting the sales and operations of vehicles will have a negative impact on a country’s economy. But this simply isn’t true, said the minister, and California; incidentally now the 5th largest economy in the world; is a living example of the fact.

California has become a global leader in cleaner and greener transportation. Governor Newsom has issued a public invitation to anyone who doesn’t believe in the effects of global warming to travel to California and witness first-hand just how far the state has managed to come in terms of reducing the appearance of wild fires that over the past decade claimed the lives of dozens of people, as well as having caused unprecedented levels of damage to properties in the region.

Small Effort = Big Change

Canada’s joining California in its no-emissions endeavour will practically mean that the two regions will endeavour to move further and further away from the production of vehicles that produce large volumes of green house gases. Canada has already started to embrace electric vehicles in a big way and will continue to do so.

But even just by improving the way in which typical internal combustion vehicles function, its already possible to bring about a massive chance in the country’s overall footprint. Minister McKenna said that the aim was to clean up the vehicles that many people are still driving today, as well as to increase the affordability of no-emission vehicles so as to empower Canadians to make the switch.

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