Breakdancing & 3 Other Sports Get Olympic Go Ahead

By Ben Hamill - July 02 2019

Breakdancing & 3 Other Sports Get Olympic Go Ahead

Breakdancing has been trying to shake, rattle and roll its way into the Olympic Games for quite some time. It will, along with surfing, skateboarding and sport climbing; doing what it can to be included in the Olympic Games schedule for 2024. Success appears to be on the horizon following the inclusion committee’s recent announcement that a vote has revealed that inclusion of all 4 sports will indeed be happening. The initial go-ahead was already received from the IOC’s executive board back in March, but the final say was left up to the inclusion committee.

There may be some hurdles to combat yet. The commission’s president Thomas Bach has said that despite the fact that approval has now been granted, it will remain part-conditional until such time as the unanimous vote is finally cleared after a final review process that will take place during the latter part of 2020.

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Performance To Be Reviewed

As for surfing, sports climbing and skateboarding; their respective performances will be evaluated at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The revision of performance will form part of the latter half of the year’s review process for official future inclusion.

At this state the situation regarding permanent inclusion appears to be quite promising indeed. The 2024 Paris organisers have said that its important that sports that appeal to a young and hip new generation is included in the Olympic Games, in an effort to keep the games relevant and attractive to people of all age groups.

In Keeping With Olympic Spirit

Tony Estanguet, who is the President of the Paris 2024 committee, elaborated on the committee’s decision to include what may be considered by some to be alternative sporting events. Estanguet said that it was extremely important to allow the culture of the Olympics to flow out of the arenas in into the hart of the city itself. He also confirmed that possible venues would be identified soon as now that approval has been granted, the search can officially begin.

The IOC recently introduced a set of new rules that will be applied from 2020 (Tokyo) and onwards. According to the new rules, a host city will be at liberty to hand-pick a number of sports indigenous to its local region; sports that are played locally, enjoyed by the countrymen of that particular country – just as long as they add value to the overall culture and true essence of the Olympic Games.