New SoftSwiss Logo Teases Sports Betting

By Ben Hamill - July 30 2019

New SoftSwiss Logo Teases Sports Betting

iGaming provider SoftSwiss is getting ready to embrace a new day, as attested to by its brand new logo. SoftSwiss at the time of the new logo reveal also made use of the opportunity to make known some of its future plans; plans involving a strong focus on sports betting.

The need for a new logo became more and more imminent as the provider continued to delve into a bigger variety of products and service offerings. The old logo, said SoftSwiss, was no longer representative of the supplier and depicted but a single avenue of business, being casino games. The new logo however, whilst designed to display in the same colour scheme as the old logo, is a more accurate representation of the future of SoftSwiss; by now a multi-vertical product and service provider.

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On Coming Full-Circle

SoftSwiss was founded in 2008 and the official description at the time was “provider and administrator of online auction software”. The developer has since grown into so much more and soon after first having name in the global playing field, evolved into an internationally acclaimed provider of online gaming content.

Today, SoftSwiss not only runs white label and full-function online casino platform services but is a reputable fair-play and crypto currency expert to be reckoned with. The next frontier is sports betting and the company is proud of the fact that the new logo encapsulates its current as well as its future endeavours.

SoftSwiss Is Here To Stay

The new logo is a celebration of marketable design and features the letter “S” positioned in an anti-clockwise fashion that very obviously alludes to the infinity symbol. The company is particularly satisfied with the infinity-association and says that the logo drives home the statement that SoftSwiss is “here to stay”.

In addition to the name of the provider, the old logo also featured the international symbol for Bitcoin (being representative of all crypto-currencies) as well as a classic casino chip. But, says SoftSwiss, the new logo brings to the table a much more modern look and feel. The decision to retain the signature red and yellow color scheme was according to the company, not made willy-nilly for a lack of creativity, but instead depicts the red that continues to burn as “bright as ever” and the yellow being symbolic of “an auspicious and bright future” lying ahead.

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