Toronto Raptors Unveil 3 Of 5 New Uniforms

By Ben Hamill - October 16 2020

Toronto Raptors Unveil 3 Of 5 New Uniforms

The Toronto Raptors this week unveiled three new uniforms to be worn during the coming season. Five new uniforms will be worn, announced the team, of which two will only be revealed closer to the start of the new season.

The jerseys, so said the club on Thursday, are meant to display and embody a simple but at the same time also a bold design. Elements that weave together the heritage and lineage of previous uniforms are representative of a nod of acknowledgement to the origins of the beloved franchise, explained the NBA league club. Also significant to note is that the traditional north-pointing chevron has once again been brought into the designs in a key and prominent way.

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Jerseys Meant To Look Great

The designs revealed this week are the new Association, new Icon Edition, and new Statement Edition jerseys.

The first two are designed in colours white and red and both feature a chevron across the chest. The chevron, so confirmed the team’s press release, is representative of the club’s past accolades and achievements, as well as marking the path that lies ahead. The Statement Edition jersey sports black and red colourings and accents and pays tribute to the design and colours of the club’s original dinosaur uniforms.

The idea is to not only give players and supporters a jersey bearing a style and design dominated by the name of the club stamped boldly on the front, explained team president Masai Ujiri, or even because the jerseys symbolise the city of Toronto and Canada, but also because they look great.

Meaningful New Designs

The latest new jerseys to be worn by the Raptors are the result of a design-collaboration between the Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment Partnership’s in-house team of designers and brand specialists, and sports footwear and apparel giant Nike. The jerseys are designed in such a way that they are friendly to the environment – with the threads used made of recycled PET bottles. Each uniform manufactured will ultimately represent about 20 recycled bottles, said the team.

The remaining two designs, confirmed the team’s press statement, being the City and Earned Edition designs, will be revealed right ahead of the start of the upcoming new season.

All five uniforms are meaningful in a special way, and in particular, reminiscent of the Earned Edition jerseys worn by the Raptors for the biggest part of the 2019 postseason season and of the jerseys worn by the players on the evening they won their first NBA Championship.

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