Woodbine Ready To Launch Dark Horse App

By Ben Hamill - May 26 2020

Woodbine Ready To Launch Dark Horse App

Woodbine Entertainment is doing everything in its power to gift to horse racing lovers the best possible betting experience once live horse racing returns to Ontario’s beloved tracks come June 5. Woodbine CEO Jim Lawson has announced the upcoming unveiling of an AI-enabled betting app called Dark Horse, which app will enable horse racing enthusiasts to enjoy the coming together of technology and the future of horse racing at Woodbine.

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The mobile app is in fact the first of its kind and will not only ensure that fans remain engaged with the races despite their inability to attend any of the upcoming spectator-free races in person, but will also ensure a better-informed bettor experience. The software forming the backbone of the new app will be capable of instantly analysing the outcome of every previous performance by any horse (and supposedly jockey too!) competing in any race. Amazing too is that the built-in AI will in effect learn by way of bettor-behaviour, since the prediction strategy will be based on past-race evaluations.

Ushering In The Future

Dark Horse is, when viewed from an innovation in technology perspective, a quickening stepping-stone into the future of horse racing. Since the app relies on intelligent AI technology and prediction models and scales, even beginners will now be afforded a much more likely chance of winning big. The app takes a lot of the ‘admin’ out of having to acquaint one’s self with past events and statistics when just starting out.

Dark Horse will furthermore serve the additional purpose of creating a new awareness about the horse racing industry. Since no live races have been in a position to be hosted ever since around about the middle of March, interaction between fans and horse racing at Woodbine has naturally been at an all-time low. The app will not only help re-establish existing connections but is also projected to attract a lot of new interest to the field.

Right On Time For A Restart

Dark Horse will undergo a soft launch over the course of the next week or so and the idea is that it should be fully functional and ready to “go” once live horse races resume in Ontario on June 5. The Android version of the app will launch first up, with the expectation being that the iOS version will launch in time for the June re-start.

Dark Horse will rely on a total of 3 theoretical models in order to accumulate information about races, horses, historical results, tendencies, and other influencing factors.

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