Steve Nash Says He’s Hyped About Nets Career

By Ben Hamill - September 11 2020

Steve Nash Says He’s Hyped About Nets Career

That he’s never coached a day’s worth of basketball in his life isn’t about to dampen Canadian Hall-of-Famer Steve Nash’s excitement about looking forward to getting started on his new career as Brooklyn Nets coach.

But even though he has no formal coaching experience, that certainly doesn’t take away from the fact that Nash is a natural leader more able than most others to bring only the best out of his teammates. This he proved over and over again during the years spent playing for Canada, which included an Olympic captaincy stint at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Not to mention even that his leadership qualities and ability to galvanize a squad were what had earned him his Hall of Fame-status in the first place.

And since he’s now no longer able to run up and down the basketball court in player’s shorts, he says he cannot think of a better way in which to continue contributing to the game than to help others succeed.

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Coaching A Hidden Desire

That the 46-year-old is now officially in charge of one of the NBA’s most promising – let alone colourful – teams, isn’t lost on him either. Even though not even his friends within the league itself could claim having been aware of his keen interest in coaching, Nash says he was always privately interested in and never really very far from the technical aspects associated with coaching big-league basketball.

As for those skills not yet part of his makeup, he’s super eager to learn as he takes on the mammoth task of guiding talent like Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant, says Nash of his personal expectations looking ahead to a future alongside the Nets.

He Was Born For This

Steve Nash is as good a Brooklyn Nets head coach prospect as any experienced NBA guider, says Nets General Manager Sean Marks of his appointment. And since Marks spent a lot of time playing alongside Nash in Phoenix, he should know what the new head coach elect is capable of.

What Marks says he also happens to know about the sports crazy Canadian, is that he absolutely thrives on performing under pressure. So much so, that Marks says he’s yet to be around anyone keener to be pressure tested on the spot.

Nash never runs from a challenge, and what’s more, he has a career behind him that practically speaks for itself, explained the Brooklyn GM.

Steve Nash, if anything, is the right man for the job.

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