Nascar And Sportradar Extend Partnership

By Ben Hamill - June 25 2019
Nascar And Sportradar Extend Partnership

Ever since the very first trial betting station was erected at Nascar’s Dover International Raceway, fans took to the idea of betting on Nascar event outcomes like ducklings to water. Betting added an exciting new element to fandom to the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, and fans loved the idea of following the action from a variety of platforms; whether actually betting on the races or merely following the action remotely. None of the above would have been possible had it not been for the valuable service provided by the data specialists at Sportradar. The good news is that Nascar has just extended its partnership with Sportradar after four years of successfully having worked together.

But accurate information and up-to-date data isn’t only crucial when it comes to betting, but also to something as seemingly insignificant as remote engagement. Fans want to stay abreast of what is happening, and the distribution of correct and real-time data is absolutely crucial to the survival of the sport. Without a reliable source of data, any sport would experience a difficult time remaining relevant and engaging.

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An Excellent Partner

Expanding the reach of live and accurate data, says Nascar Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer Tom Clarke, is absolutely critical in order to keep fans interested in the sport. Clarke commented on the extended multi-year partnership and said that Sportradar stood central to Nascar’s success and had been an excellent partner during the past four years.

Steve Byrd, who is the Head of Sportradar’s Global Strategic Partnerships division, agrees with Clarke on all counts. Byrd referred to the ongoing partnership between the two institutions as one that is valued immensely by the big data giant. He said that the team very much looked forward to continuing the incredibly successful relationship.

Integrity Comes First

Ever since Nascar first announced its intentions of allowing betting at its races, the decision was made that integrity would always enjoy top priority and attention. Data plays a significant role in ensuring that unsavoury behaviour and predatory actions are avoided. In order to achieve this and uphold the highest standards of accountability and credibility, the provision of data must be handled by a provider in and of itself irreproachable in terms of corrupt behaviour.

Sportradar’s Integrity Services constantly monitors international as well as domestic betting patterns in order to ensure that nefarious activities are detected and stopped short. To this end, the media and data provider plays a crucial role in preserving Nascar’s integrity in competition.

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