Alyssa Nakken Appointed 1st Female MLB Coach

By Ben Hamill - February 10 2020

Alyssa Nakken

Now that Alyssa Nakken has officially been named the MLB’s first female major league coach its probably a good thing that she describes herself as being “most comfortable at a baseball field”. This is where Nakken will be spending the majority of her waking hours for the next 8 months, after all. She will be responsible for helping the Giants with everything from cage work to infield practice and yes, she’ll be doing so in full uniform as a permanent member of full-time staff.

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Nakken considers her January appointment as the newest coaching member of the San Francisco Giants to be a big deal indeed. This especially within the context of her now having become an example for women and girls with a love for the game of baseball and perhaps even looking to work in baseball.

Making Daily History

Nakken refers to her appointment as a “big deal” mainly because of a sense of responsibility she now feels toward making good on behalf of everyone for having helped her get to where she is at present. In fact, so much so that she feels this to be her job. Also, it’s got a great deal to do with her own personal take on what it truly means to make history.

For Nakken, making history means being willing and ready to each day make a difference and an impact wherever she is at any given moment in time. And needless to say, this includes disregarding the opinions of those who deem her unfit to be serving big league baseball based solely on her gender. In fact, this may be exactly the makings of Nakken’s most valuable contribution to what it means to “make history”.

Coach First – Female Second

But that’s not to say that Nakken’s appointment as permanent member of the Giants’ coaching staff every had anything to do with her being female or “first female”, as it were. The fact that neither of these considerations played a role in the decision on the part of team management to appoint Nakken is something truly valued by the new coach.

Instead, what mattered and drove the decision home was a combination of manager Gabe Kaplan and president of baseball operations Farhan Zaidi having desired adding someone to the team capable of building trust and relationships, able to make a difference at club-house level and someone who really “knows baseball”.

Alyssa Nakken’s appointment is all about winning and not at all about being a woman.

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