Carmelina Moscato Joins Team CSB

By Ben Hamill - September 16 2019


Former Canadian professional soccer star Carmelina Moscato has been appointed to the position of manager of women’s pro-football development for Canadian Soccer Business (CSB). The Canadian star, who is a native of Mississauga Ontario, won no fewer than 94 caps for the country during the period 2002 to 2015. Now 35, the exceptionally experienced Moscato is more ready than ever to lead others towards the highest rungs of pro-soccer success.

CSB works tirelessly towards the development of various soccer properties in the country including the management and overseeing of the commercial assets associated with the Canadian Premier League as well as all corporate dealings and broadcast rights for the women’s as well as the men’s national football teams.

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Canada Wants Its Own Back

Canada sadly does not have a women’s professional football team at this time. This is a dilemma often bemoaned by the likes of CA team captain Christine Sinclair, as well as many other prominent sports figures. Sinclair knows exactly what she’s talking about when referring to the specific challenges faced by women in sport in the country as she herself plays south of the Canadian border for the Portland Thorns.

Sinclair, and also many others who like her are forced to play abroad, has been continuously calling for a pro-women’s football presence within the borders of the country. A professional football career in Canada itself is what many women dream of, said Sinclair following Moscato’s appointment, and the dream of creating the necessary pathways in order to turn this into a reality must be tirelessly pursued.

A Leader Wherever She Goes

CSB Vice President Eva Havaris has said that the entire team is especially happy to have Moscato as part of the organisation. It’s all about supporting the organisation’s effort to build and to expand League1 in Ontario, said the VP.

Havaris went on to describe the celebrated and esteemed Moscato as a true leader on and off the football field. The CSB considers Moscato as being potentially instrumental in further elevating the conversations taking place around the topic of women’s involvement in pro-soccer in the country as well as breathing a women’s pro-soccer team operating on home soil into existence.

Moscato was earlier this year inducted into the Mississauga Sports Hall of Fame and is, judging solely by her experience alone, cut out for creating new awareness around the need for a women’s pro-football team on home soil. She previously served Canada Soccer’s national youth program in a technical capacity and more recently also served as a TV analyst at the Women’s World Cup in France.

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