More U.S. States Say Yes To Sports Betting

By Ben Hamill - December 30 2020

More U.S. States Say Yes To Sports Betting

While the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election may have resulted in a fair quota of excitement on the governance front, the ushering in of a new President and era wasn’t its only focus. Several more decisions were made by way of the ballot – including the ongoing and certainly intensified legalisation of sports betting across the local market.

Strong support for the legalisation of sports betting has typically been at the order of the day, with voters indicating a yes-vote across the entire scope of the state-by-state ballot. This obviously opens the door for the regulation of several more states – both in terms of an initial vote in favour of legalisation as well as final approvals.

The following is what happened across the state-by-state sports betting board.

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A Resounding Yes From Maryland

Voters in Maryland indicated their full support of a regulated sports betting industry that will ultimately generate revenue for the benefit of mostly State educational programs. The convincing 2-1 margin prepares the soil for Maryland to now proceed with the development and penning down of a betting model not unlike those already regulating several of its neighbouring states – including New Jersey, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

Louisiana’s Vote In Favour

Louisiana too, cast its state-wide vote mostly in favour of a legalised and regulated sports betting market. Of the 64 local Louisiana parishes (called “counties” in most other states), 55 cast their votes in favour of regulated betting on professional and amateur sports.

What this means is that Louisiana can now look forward to getting to work on an all-new regulatory framework by as early as April.

Yes-Vote From South Dakota

Following a majority vote in support of a regulated sports betting market cast by as many as 58% of the state’s residents, South Dakota-based bookmakers will officially begin accepting sports betting waters on July 1, 2021.

Nebraska Voters Want More

Not only did Nebraska voters hit the ballots with a 65% majority yes-vote, but they also made their marks in favour of an altogether expansion of all games of chance across the board.

What this means is that an exciting range of new options will now be made available to casinos looking to accept wagers on sports events.

Generally Positive Outlook

Voters across several states indicated a definite opening of the mind to the legalisation of not only betting on sports, but online gaming and casino games in general. All of this bodes well for the future of betting and gambling in the country.

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