Georges St-Pierre Enters UFC Hall Of Fame

By Ben Hamill - May 12 2020

Georges St-Pierre Enters UFC Hall Of Fame

The Canadian described by Ultimate Fight Club’s (UFC) Dana White as the greatest sportsman and most famous athlete to ever have come out of Canada, is well on his way to joining the ranks of the UFC Hall of Fame. Welterweight and middleweight UFC champion world title holder Georges St-Pierre received news of the special announcement on Saturday evening during UFC 249. The Jacksonville-event was the first live show hosted by the UFC since mid-March.

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The Canadian ultimate-fight champion is a world-class martial arts athlete and master of the discipline and during his time on the live fight-circuit proved a money-making machine for White and the UFC. The 38-year-old St-Isadore native was recognised on Saturday by White as having been crucial in helping to develop and build Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) on a global level.

Fans Of Gretzky Disagree

Of course, not every Canadian agrees with White’s long-time declaration of St-Pierre’s status as most famous athlete to come out of Canada. The UFC big boss back in 2010 unleased quite the debate and a lot of controversy to boot when he declared the Quebec fighter a “billion times” more famous than any other Canadian athlete, including the great Wayne Gretzky.

But controversy and bickering over the who-is-who aside, it must not be argued that no other Canadian has managed to do for MMA what St-Pierre, or GSP, has. He famously used to spend endless hours preparing for even the most insignificant of fights and certainly proved a main driving force behind the global expansion of modern-day UFC.

A Tribute To His Supporters

St-Pierre, who will be included in the UFC Hall of Fame later this year, has since the announcement released an official press statement, thanking the many who had been part of this journey and had supported him on his way to the top of his game. He thanked family and friends, the UFC and White, past opponents and past collaborators. He closed off his special offering of gratitude to his fans and said that without fans, the UFC would not have been possible.

The Canadian MMA superstar will be incorporated into the Hall of Fame’s Modern Wing. This particular division pays tribute to those players who made their mark on international sports and the UFC during the era of unified UFC rules, i.e. those who made their debut between November 2000 and the present day. Those who qualify are required to be at least 35 years of age and must have retired a year or longer prior to the date of inclusion.

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